Aikawa Ryou

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Character Profile

  • Japanese Name: 相川涼
  • Former School: Touou Academy
  • Year: Third
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Height: 168cm
  • Three Sizes: B89 / W58 / H85
  • Birthday: May 6 (Taurus)
  • Hobbies: Playing guitar
  • Main Attribute: Cool


Aikawa Ryou [Normal #149]
Ryou cool n149.jpg Ryou cool n149 t.jpg Max Level: 40
HP: 2 780 990 2230

Appeal: None

Center Skill: None

Above: Initially awarded as a prize during the Kagayaite Can I do! event.

Aikawa Ryou [Normal #318]
Ryou pure n318.jpg Ryou pure n318 t.jpg Max Level: 40
HP: 2 690 2320 1030

Appeal: None

Center Skill: None

Above: Added on May 15, 2014.

Aikawa Ryou [Normal #552]
Ryou smile n552.jpg Ryou smile n552 t.jpg Max Level: 40
HP: 2 2360 710 1010

Appeal: None

Center Skill: None

Above: Added on March 15, 2015.

Aikawa Ryou [Normal #847]
Ryou cool n847.jpg Ryou cool n847 t.jpg Max Level: 40
HP: 2 990 730 2400

Appeal: None

Center Skill: None

Above: Added on March 31, 2016.

Aikawa Ryou [Normal #1507]
Ryou pure n1507.jpg Ryou pure n1507 t.jpg Max Level: 40
HP: 2 1000 2440 720

Appeal: None

Center Skill: None

Above: Added on March 31, 2018.

Side Stories

Self Introduction? (#149)

Ryou: Shining Spotlight! This is what I've been dreaming about!

Ryou: Oh, excuse me... Did I surprise you? I am Aikawa Ryou, a third-year student.

Ryou: I put on gorgeous clothes and climb on stage to become anyone--male or female, old or young.

Ryou: I am me, yet I am not me. Do you understand?

Ryou: I am... filled with excitement. I feel like I was born to be on the stage.

Ryou: Hee hee. The world of drama is no longer enough, so I'm challenging myself to stand on the stage of the school idol.

Ryou: Our stage! Let's go together, to the dazzling world of dreams!

Ryou: My wish... is that you would watch me onstage. That would make me happy.

The Happiest Moment (#318)

Ryou: This I swear: I will live with you, age with you, and never leave you along.

Ryou: Hey, thanks for coming to see our show.

Ryou: No matter how many times I'm on stage, it always feels like the first. I've got to improve, too.

Ryou: I never feel as happy as when I see the satisfied smiles on our audience's faces after the show. It's the same for being a school idol or any other performance.

Ryou: Of course I was looking at you too. I'm glad you were smiling.

Ryou: I was even happier this time since Yuki was with me. You two have met, right?

Ryou: You should come see our school idol show, too. Well... How about next weekend?

Ryou: Hehe, now there's even more to look forward to. See you then!

A Present for You! (#552)

Ryou: Oh! Did you come by yourself today?

Ryou: I have a present for you. Here you are.

Ryou: Heehee! Don't be so nervous. It's just that our club is having a promotion for White Day.

Ryou: We've also got a flyer for our next performance... See, look, the date and time of our next performance is written here.

Ryou: I know that school idols have other important events beside performances.

Ryou: We want to feel closer to you... We want you to come and see us...

Ryou: I can rest easy if you come. Will you be able to meet at our next performance?

Ryou: ...I'm glad to hear that. I'll come see you next time as well. Yuki is also looking forward to seeing you.

To All My Fans (#847)

Ryou: Oh, it's you! Did you come to practice to encourage us? Much obliged.

Ryou: With our next show coming up fast, I wanted to spend extra time working on the staging. Would you mind checking things over after we're done?

Ryou: The staging was fine last time? Oh, tee, hee. Thanks.

Ryou: Still, I'm sure there's still plenty of room for us to improve.

Ryou: If it'll bring our dreams to even one more person out there, I'm waiting to put the work in.

Ryou: It's funny. Even though I'm part of the group that inspires dreams in others. I've got dreams of my own. I want to bring my world to everyone else.

Ryou: Of course, it's easier said than done. But I won't ever quit!

Ryou: *Chuckle* I'll be expecting your help, so make sure you're well-prepared. Now then, are you ready to check our performance?

The Me on Stage (#1507)

Ryou: Hey, we were just in the middle of rehearsing for our upcoming concert.

Ryou: Does it look like it's coming along? Hehe, that's great. It's relieving that you'd say that.

Ryou: But... inside me, I don't feel quite the same way.

Ryou: You see, I perform in plays, right? The actors are supposed to bring out the charm of the characters they're portraying.

Ryou: However... when I stand on the stage as a school idol, I can only be myself.

Ryou: That means that I myself have to be charming.

Ryou: I'm already plenty charming...? Hehe, you're just flattering me.

Ryou: That being said, your feelings make me happy. Thank you. I can definitely feel the support from the feelings of kind people like you.


Home Screen

女の子をいじめる輩は見逃せないな。愛情の表現方法を知らないのかもしれないけれど……ね (#149 only)
I can't ignore people who bully girls. They don't even know how to properly show their love...

ずっと練習を続けていた成果が出たんだ。雪ちゃん、よく頑張ったね (#149 only)
Your practice is finally paying off. Good job, Yuki-chan.

限りある人生!諦めてしまうなんて勿体ない!キミもそう思わないかい? (#149 only)
Life is full of restrictions! It's a waste to give up on anything! Don't you think so too?

ダンスの練習なら、ワタシも付き合うよ。さあ、手を貸して (#318 only)
Let me help you with your dance practice. Lend me your hand.

演劇のナレーションは、優香ちゃんにやってもらってるんだ (#318 only)
Yuuka-chan does the narration for our plays.

練習は大変なときもあるけど、後で後悔したくないからね (#318 only)
Practice can be hard at times, but I don't want to regret it later.

発声練習? いいよ。キミの声をしっかり伝えていこう (#552 only)
Vocal exercises? Sure. Make sure you project your voice well.

チョコレートは雪ちゃんにもらったよ。……ふふ、幸せ者だね (#552 only)
I received chocolate from Yuki-chan... Hehe, I feel so happy right now.

姫乃ちゃんが撮ってくれた舞台写真を確認してるんだ。綺麗に撮ってもらえて嬉しいね (#552 only)
I'm looking through the photos that Himeno-chan took of our performance. I'm glad they came out nicely.

今度乗馬に行くんだ。キミも一緒にどう? (#847 only)
I'm going horseback riding soon. Would you like to come?

演劇とスクールアイドル。互いの長所を活かしていければと思うんだ (#847 only)
I want to make the best of the merits of both theater and school idols.

雪ちゃんは人形のように愛らしいけれどパフォーマンスに情感を込めるのも上手いんだ。感服するよ (#847 only)
Yuki-chan is as cute as a doll and yet she so skillfully puts her feelings into her performance. How admirable.

今日は練習を見にくるかい? 部室をあけて待ってるよ (#1507 only)
Did you come to watch our practice today? I'll be waiting for you in the clubroom.

歌が得意というほどではないけれど、歌で心を伝えるのは楽しいよ (#1507 only)
I wouldn't go as far as to call myself skilled at singing, but it's fun to convey feelings through song.

最近雪ちゃんには会ったかい? 今度桜を見に行くから、キミもおいで (#1507 only)
Have you seen Yuki-chan lately? We're going to go flower viewing later, so you should come along too.

Tapping the Character

...! N-No, it's nothing. Please make sure you be careful when touching someone.

Whoa there... Are you all right? Hold onto me tightly.


さあ、同士たちの歩みを紐解こう。誰にだって、ドラマはあるものさ (When there are unread stories)
Let us peruse the development of our comrades. Everyone has a story.

ひとときの夢、ステージはエンターテインメント! (When there are new live stages)
Performances are fleeting dreams; they're entertainment!