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Character Profile

  • Japanese Name: クリスティーナ
  • Former School: Shinonome Academy
  • Year: Third
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 161cm
  • Three Sizes: B84 / W58 / H85
  • Birthday: January 21 (Aquarius)
  • Hobbies: Cat's cradle
  • Main Attribute: Pure


Christina [Normal #8]
Christina pure n8.jpg Christina pure n8 t.jpg Max Level: 40
HP: 3 640 1590 610

Appeal: None

Center Skill: None

Christina [Normal #333]
Christina smile n333.jpg Christina smile n333 t.jpg Max Level: 40
HP: 4 1680 720 520

Appeal: None

Center Skill: None

Above: Added on June 15, 2014.

Christina [Normal #678]
Christina cool n678.jpg Christina cool n678 t.jpg Max Level: 40
HP: 4 550 680 1730

Appeal: None

Center Skill: None

Above: Added on September 15, 2015.

Christina [Normal #904]
Christina pure n904.jpg Christina pure n904 t.jpg Max Level: 40
HP: 4 530 1770 700

Appeal: None

Center Skill: None

Above: Added on June 30, 2016.

Christina [Normal #1194]
Christina smile n1194.jpg Christina smile n1194 t.jpg Max Level: 40
HP: 4 1810 530 700

Appeal: None

Center Skill: None

Above: Added on May 15, 2017.

Christina [Super Super Rare #1589]
Christina pure ssr1589.jpg Christina pure ssr1589 t.jpg Max Level: 90
HP: 4 3930 4190 2970

Appeal: Total Trick
For every 20 notes, there is a 36% chance of turning all greats in the next 2 seconds into perfects. (Level 1)

Center Skill: Pure Energy
Increases Pure points by 4%.

Above: Initially awarded as a prize during the Friendly Match Round 6 event.

Christina [Normal #2076]
Christina cool n2076.png Christina cool n2076 t.png Max Level: 40
HP: 4 690 540 1850

Appeal: None

Center Skill: None

Above: Initially awarded as a prize during the Friendly Match Round 12 event.

Side Stories

Self-Introduction (#8)

Christina: Hello, my name is Christina. I come from Trento, Italy.

Christina: Please feel free to call me Chris.

Christina: I never have any opportunities to wear outfits like this, so it's a bit embarrassing...

Christina: There's lots I don't know about school idols, but I believe that it is the duty of clergymen to heal people.

Christina: I'll be counting on you from now on. ♪

Fulfilling Days (#333)

Christina: Chris here. Long time no see. ♪ How have you been?

Christina: Quite a bit of time has passed since I came here to Japan, but I'm still not used to putting on school idol performances...

Christina: However, everyone has been so kind to me, and every day is fulfilling.

Christina: I don't feel that embarrassed when I wear school idol outfits either. ♪

Christina: It makes me happy that people enjoy what we do, and I'm thankful that I got the opportunity to take part in such a rewarding activity.

Christina: As a result, I have no more worries!

Christina: Please come watch our performance onstage if you get the chance.

Christina: May the blessing of God reach everyone... ♪

A Ninja? Or... (#678)

Christina: Kasane-san? Does this outfit fit me...?

Christina: Ah! You came to visit. ♪ Club is just starting so you came at a good time.

Christina: It seems that the outfits this time are based on ninjas... but the ninjas I saw in books had outfits that... concealed one's whole face and body.

Christina: A "kunoichi"...? What is that...?

Christina: A female ninja...! I see. Kasane-san did say that she made a kunoichi's outfit.

Christina: I'm glad I asked you... That puts me at ease! I'm so happy that I could become such a cute female ninja. ♪

Christina: I'll do my best to deliver to everyone a moment of relaxation as a single kunoichi!

Christina: D-Did I get something wrong again...? Sorry, could you teach me one more time what a kunoichi is?

The Basis of Soothing (#904)

Christina: Hmm, it would be best if I could move directly from the Tokyo Tower to the Skytree...

Christina: Ah, hello. ♪ Would you like to play cat's cradle too? Right now, I'm making the Tokyo Tower and the Skytree.

Christina: Cat's cradle is great. Systematically making patterns with my fingers is the epitome of soothing to me. ♪

Christina: I came to Japan because I wanted to let everyone be soothed.

Christina: I hope that everyone watching us on stage can be soothed at least a little bit.

Christina: It's hard when I panic on stage though.

Christina: That's why I need to calm myself down first with cat's cradle before I head up there. ♪

Christina: Ah...! Look, I made the Skytree. Hehe, I hope tomorrow's concert goes just as well. ♪

Balancing Your Mind and Body (#1194)

Christina: Haa, haa... Fuu... There's our running goal for today.

Christina: Hehe, good job. ♪ Here, I got you a towel. I'll go get some water now.

Christina: Thanks for coming with me for morning practice. Was it tough?

Christina: I want to keep training my body. I always get too tired in the latter half of our concerts...

Christina: My mind is full of motivation, but my body can't keep up, which is annoying.

Christina: That's why I'm training all day every day so that both my mind and body are full of energy. ♪

Christina: Huh? You'll come running with me in the afternoon too!?

Christina: Wah... That makes me so happy! I'll be sure to cheer you on as hard as you're cheering me on. Please continue to support me... ♪

To See You Smile (#1589)

Christina: Thank you so much for coming to our club again today! It's a lot more fun when you're here.

Christina: Oh... But you don't look so well. Are you sure you're not tired? I'll make you some tea, so just relax for a while.

Christina: Thank goodness. You're looking much better.

Christina: You've been coming to club events so much recently. Are you sure that isn't putting a strain on you? I know how much of a hard worker you are.

Christina: I'll miss not being able to see you as often, but your health is more important. I'm worried about you. So please...

Christina: What? It's no big deal? I'm just exaggerating?!

Christina: Oh, yes, of course! I'm just being silly about nothing!

Christina: Oh, is that a smile I see? Hee hee, I love that smile of yours. Let's take a break for today. We'll need enough energy to keep working hard tomorrow.


Home Screen

ふふ、お日様が気持ちいいですね (#8 only)
Hehe, Mr. Sun feels nice, doesn't he?

一緒にお祈りをしましょう♪ (#8 only)
Let's pray together. ♪

今日も素敵な一日にしましょうね♪ (#8 only)
Let's have another great day. ♪

言葉を交わさなくても、伝わる想いってありますよね (#333 only)
Some feelings can be conveyed even without words.

遙さんと彼方さんに『あやとり』を教えていただきました。お二人ともとても器用なんです (#333 only)
I taught Haruka-san and Kanata-san how to play cat's cradle. Both of them are very skilled.

ヒモをこうして……こうすると、ほら。亀さんになりました。ここから飛行機も作れますよ♪ (#333 only)
You take the string... and do this. There, I made a turtle. You can make an airplane from this too. ♪

おはようございます♪ 今日は図書館に行くのですが、よかったら一緒にいかがですか? (#678 only)
Good morning. ♪ I'm heading to the library. Would you like to come with me?

部活も好きなのですが、部活が終わった後に全員で帰路につく時間がとても好きなんです (#678 only)
I like club activities, but I like the time we spend going home together even more.

最近はお裁縫の練習をしています。少しでも衣装作りの助けになればと…… (#678 only)
I've been practicing sewing lately. I'd like to help with making outfits, even a little...

新しい歌詞を考えているところです。伝えたい想い……それを一番に考えたいです (#904 only)
I've been trying to come up with new lyrics. The feelings that I want to convey... are on my mind the most.

遙さんと彼方さんにはいつもよくしていただいて……保健室の常連さんになってしまいそうです♪ (#904 only)
Haruka-san and Kanata-san always treat me well... I think I might become a regular at the infirmary. ♪

あやとりは初めてですか? では、ぱっちんほうきの作り方から♪ (#904 only)
It's your first time playing cat's cradle? Let's start with the witch's broom then. ♪

今日も1日頑張りましょう♪ 私も応援しています! (#1194 only)
Let's give it our all again today. ♪ I'll be there to cheer for you too!

ときには悩むこともありますが……心の中にもう正解はあるのかもっ、て。そう思います (#1194 only)
There are times when I'm troubled over something... but I feel like I know the answer in my heart.

休日はココさんと福祉施設のお手伝いをしてきました。わずかな力ですが……頑張ります♪ (#1194 only)
I helped out at the community center with Coco-san over the holidays. I didn't play a huge role... but I did my best. ♪

Tapping the Character

Is something the matter?

Would you like to make a confession?


ストーリーを見てみませんか? (When there are unread stories)
Would you like to read the story?

ライブが出来るそうですよ♪ (When there are new live stages)
We can do a live. ♪