Friendly Match Round 1

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Attribute All Difficulties

PLEASE NOTE: This event is a Friendly Match event. Event rules are as follows:

  1. Select a difficulty from the main event page to be matched with other players, and to see the song and mission.
    • There is also a "private match" option that will allow you to specify which players you want to team up with. The room will have an ID that can be used to join.
  2. Select the unit you wish to use to play the live. The more "Helping Power" a unit has, the easier it will be to clear the mission.
    • The live starts after 3 other players have been found. The higher your team's total Helping Power is, the better the bonus that will activate.
    • You will be able to communicate with the other players with preset stamps before and after the live
    • If there are not enough players, you will be matched with CPUs
  3. When the live finishes, you'll be able to see if you managed to complete the mission for the song and your personal contribution. How close you are to completing the mission your personal contribution will determine the amount of events points you get. If you manage to overshoot the mission by a large enough difference, you'll get even better rewards.
  4. Throughout the event, there will be a daily mission that changes at 3 PM JST each day. Every player participating in the event contributes to this, and if the goal has been reached, then everyone gets rewards.
    • The rewards will be distributed to the participants' present boxes after the results have been finalized (after 4:30 PM JST each day)

Event Cards

Shiga Hitomi [Normal #1252]
Hitomi smile n1252.jpg Hitomi smile n1252 t.jpg Max Level: 40
HP: 3 2300 760 540

Appeal: None

Center Skill: None

Minami Kotori (Rock Ver.) [Super Rare #1253]
Kotori cool sr1253.jpg Kotori cool sr1253 t.jpg Max Level: 80
HP: 4 3920 3480 4760

Appeal: Completely Rocking ☆
For every 21 hit combo string, there is a 36% chance of increasing player's score by 345 points. (Level 1)

Center Skill: Cool Heart
Increases Cool points by 6%.

Koizumi Hanayo (Rock Ver.) [Super Rare #1254]
Hanayo pure sr1254.jpg Hanayo pure sr1254 t.jpg Max Level: 80
HP: 4 3400 4810 3970

Appeal: Rocking Cheoregraphy
For every 27 notes, there is a 34% chance of turning all goods and greats in the next 4 seconds into perfects. (Level 1)

Center Skill: Pure Heart
Increases Pure points by 6%.

Event Point Awards

Kotori Hanayo Please save me Source
Points Achieved Reward
20 pts 5000 G
50 pts 50 Friend Points
100 pts 5500 G
250 pts 100 Friend Points
500 pts 1 Loveca Stone
750 pts 6000 G
1000 pts 150 Friend Points
1250 pts 6500 G
1500 pts 200 Friend Points
2000 pts 7000 G
2500 pts 1 Loveca Stone
3000 pts 250 Friend Points
3500 pts 7500 G
4000 pts 300 Friend Points
4500 pts N: Shiga Hitomi
5000 pts 1 Loveca Stone
5750 pts 350 Friend Points
6500 pts 10000 G
7250 pts 400 Friend Points
8000 pts 12500 G
8750 pts 450 Friend Points
9500 pts 15000 G
11000 pts 1 Loveca Stone
12500 pts R: Alpaca
15000 pts 500 Friend Points
17500 pts R: Yamauchi Nanako
20000 pts 1 Loveca Stone
22500 pts 550 Friend Points
25000 pts SR Hanayo
27500 pts 600 Friend Points
30000 pts 20000 G
32500 pts 2 Loveca Stones
35000 pts 700 Friend Points
37500 pts 25000 G
40000 pts 800 Friend Points
42500 pts R: Sasahara Kyouko
45000 pts 30000 G
47500 pts 2 Loveca Stones
50000 pts 900 Friend Points
52500 pts 40000 G
55000 pts 1000 Friend Points
57500 pts 50000 G
60000 pts SR Hanayo
62500 pts 2 Loveca Stones
65000 pts 1100 Friend Points
67500 pts 75000 G
70000 pts 1200 Friend Points
75000 pts 1 Ticket
80000 pts 2 Loveca Stones
90000 pts 1300 Friend Points
100000 pts SR Hanayo
110000 pts 3 Loveca Stones
120000 pts 1400 Friend Points
130000 pts 1 Ticket
140000 pts 1500 Friend Points
150000 pts 100000 G
160000 pts 4 Loveca Stones

Event Point Ranking Awards

Event Rank Reward
1st - 10000th SR Kotori x3

N: Shiga Hitomi

2 Tickets

10001st - 50000th SR Kotori x2

N: Shiga Hitomi

1 Ticket

50001st - 120000th SR Kotori x1

N: Shiga Hitomi

1 Ticket

120001st - 250000th N: Shiga Hitomi

1 Ticket

2 Loveca Stones

250001st - 450000th N: Shiga Hitomi

4 Loveca Stones

450001st - 700000th N: Shiga Hitomi

2 Loveca Stones

700001st - 1000000th 1 Loveca Stone

Score Point Ranking Awards

Event Rank Reward
1st - 10000th SSR seal x1

SR seal x3

R seal x20

10001st - 30000th SR seal x3

R seal x20

30001st - 50000th SR seal x2

R seal x20

50001st - 75000th SR seal x1

R seal x20

75001st - 120000th R seal x20
120001st - 250000th R seal x15
250001st - 450000th R seal x10
450001st - 700000th R Seal x5
700001st - 1000000th R Seal x1