Kamiya Rika

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Character Profile

  • Japanese Name: 神谷理華
  • Former School: Shinonome Academy
  • Year: Second
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 159cm
  • Three Sizes: B80 / W58 / H82
  • Birthday: January 7 (Capricorn)
  • Hobbies: Reading theses
  • Main Attribute: Cool


Kamiya Rika [Normal #15]
Rika cool n15.jpg Rika cool n15 t.jpg Max Level: 40
HP: 3 800 520 1920

Appeal: None

Center Skill: None

Kamiya Rika [Normal #391]
Rika smile n391.jpg Rika smile n391 t.jpg Max Level: 40
HP: 3 2020 480 820

Appeal: None

Center Skill: None

Above: Initially awarded as a prize during the Score Match Round 11 event.

Kamiya Rika [Normal #727]
Rika pure n727.jpg Rika pure n727 t.jpg Max Level: 40
HP: 3 500 2080 780

Appeal: None

Center Skill: None

Above: Initially awarded as a prize during the Magnetic today!! event.

Kamiya Rika [Normal #1074]
Rika cool n1074.jpg Rika cool n1074 t.jpg Max Level: 40
HP: 3 500 780 2120

Appeal: None

Center Skill: None

Above: Added on December 15, 2016.

Kamiya Rika [Normal #1420]
Rika smile n1420.jpg Rika smile n1420 t.jpg Max Level: 40
HP: 3 2160 770 510

Appeal: None

Center Skill: None

Above: Added on January 15, 2018.

Kamiya Rika [Super Super Rare #1883]
Rika cool ssr1883.png Rika cool ssr1883 t.png Max Level: 90
HP: 4 3930 2970 4210

Appeal: Total Trick
For every 20 notes, there is a 36% chance of turning all greats in the next 2 seconds into perfects. (Level 1)

Center Skill: Cool Energy
Increases Cool points by 4%.

Above: Initially awarded as a prize during the Touring Rally Round 8 event.

Kamiya Rika [Normal #2292]
Rika pure n2292.png Rika pure n2292 t.png Max Level: 40
HP: 3 790 2200 490

Appeal: None

Center Skill: None

Above: Initially awarded as a prize during the Score Match Round 42 event.

Side Stories

Self-Introduction (#15)

Rika: Kamiya Rika. I do research.

Rika: Isn't it weird that someone like me is a school idol?

Rika: To be honest, I'm interested in how a single stage can move the hearts of so many people.

Rika: If a tremendous amount of power can be born from youth and passion... it'll be an amazing field of science.

Rika: Hehe, I have high hopes for the subject of my research.

Solving with Science (#391)

Rika: Oh, it's you. Looks like things are going well for you as a school idol.

Rika: Come and let me measure your height and weight. You're my test subject after all.

Rika: Oh right. Is there anything troubling you? I might be able to solve it for you with science.

Rika: Huh? You're feeling lethargic because it's hot out?

Rika: Then just wear a swimsuit like me. Every day in the summer, I wear a swimsuit all day long.

Rika: I'm joking. Swimsuits aren't very breathable so they're not fit for wearing regularly.

Rika: ...Are you angry? I'm sorry.

Rika: To tell the truth, I was about to head to the pool. As an apology, I'll let you come with me.

I Love Mountains (#727)

Rika: Do you like mountain climbing? Well in any case, I've already brought you to one.

Rika: ...Don't look so annoyed. I have a reason for this.

Rika: The motif for our next concert's outfits is red leaves. I wanted to touch real ones so get a feel for the image.

Rika: Whoa there. I did say touch, but you shouldn't touch that poison ivy. It will cause a rash to break out on your skin.

Rika: Haha, you don't have to look so worried. As long as you have the knowledge, there aren't many things that are scary.

Rika: This mountain alone is home to over a thousand species of plants. I know about most of them, so feel free to ask if you're unsure.

Rika: Ah... Mountains are so great...

Rika: I'm looking happier than usual? ...Well of course. I'm climbing my favorite mountain with a precious friend. Now let's go to where we can see red leaves!

Researching School Idols (#1074)

Rika: Huh, there's even an inventor who's a school idol. Interesting.

Rika: Oh hey, it's you. I was just collecting information about school idols around the world. You're welcome to take a look.

Rika: Look at this. There are students who are good academically and those who are good athletically.

Rika: Does this mean that diversity is wanted in school idols nowadays?

Rika: No, it's required, so there are more of those who are curious than those who have mastered a skill.

Rika: They'll try out everything they're interested in. Hehe, there are many who are similar to me I suppose.

Rika: The more I look into school idols, the more fascinated I become. I'd like to meet all the school idols someday.

Rika: If we could all interact with each other, I'm sure an amazing chemical reaction will occur. I can't wait.

Researching and Being Researched (#1420)

Rika: Hmm... It's you. I'm sure you're busy, but you still go out of your way to attend our concerts. Thanks for that.

Rika: Now then, I'm researching school idols, but... now that I'm on stage like this, I'm able to see it in a different light.

Rika: I'm both the researcher and the subject of the research.

Rika: How do I move people's hearts through my performance? How can I move my own heart...?

Rika: If I were to improve my own skills, perhaps I'll be able to see things that I wasn't able to see before.

Rika: What? I look cute in a school idol outfit?

Rika: ...Were you even listening to what I was saying? I want to move others with my performance, not with outfi—

Rika: No, could this also be an instance of moving others...? What exactly is my cuteness? ...I have another subject to research now.


Home Screen

きっとこの先に答えがあるはずなんだ (#15 only)
The answer is definitely waiting for us up ahead.

なるほど……そういうことだったのか (#15 only)
I see... So that's how it is.

キミは中々興味深いね (#15 only)
You're pretty interesting.

夏は水分をきちんと摂取しなさい。塩分と糖分も忘れないように (#391 only)
Make sure you drink lots of water in the summer, and don't forget to intake salt and sugar as well.

私のステージパフォーマンスは地味なんだ。分かってはいるんだが…… (#391 only)
My performances onstage are boring. I know that much, but...

仮説を立てて、検証する。科学というのは、その繰り返しなんだよ (#391 only)
Make a hypothesis and then validate it. Science is just repeating that.

どのようなパフォーマンスをしたときに脳が反応するか調べて…… この手法は遠回り過ぎるか? (#727 only)
I'm investigating how the brain reacts to certain performances... Is this method too roundabout?

落ち着いて見えるかもしれないが、不特定多数に向けてステージをやるのはやはり緊張するよ (#727 only)
I may seem relaxed, but putting on a concert for a large number of people makes me nervous.

今度実験器具を買いに行くんだ。キミも一緒に来るかい? (#727 only)
I'm buying equipment for my experiments. Would you like to come?

勉強はしておいた方がいいのではないか? 身につけた知識がキミを助けることもあるだろう (#1074 only)
You should stay on top of your studies. The knowledge you have can become useful in the future.

ステージ上での呼びかけ?そうだな……「ヤッホー」などどうだろうか (#1074 only)
A call to do when I'm onstage? Hmm... How about "Yahoo~"?

支倉くんはたまに突拍子もない衣装を持ってくる。怖くもあり、興味深くもあり……というところだ (#1074 only)
Hasekura-kun sometimes brings some ridiculous outfits. It's both scary and fascinating...

やりたいことを見つける。それが1番大切かもしれないね (#1420 only)
Finding something you want to do is probably the most important thing.

服装を考えるのは難しいな。組み合わせ1つで悲惨なことになることがある (#1420 only)
Coming up with outfits is hard. A single piece can cause disaster.

キミ。研究されたいっていう顔をしているな? (#1420 only)
Hey, you look like you want to have research done on you.

Tapping the Character

What's up?

Sorry, could you save it for later?


ストーリーは見ないのかい? (When there are unread stories)
You're not going to read the story?

ライブ、やってみようか (When there are new live stages)
Let's try a live.