Kira Tsubasa

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Character Profile

  • Japanese Name: 綺羅ツバサ
  • School: UTX High School
  • Year: Third
  • Main Attribute: Cool


Kira Tsubasa [Rare #837]
Tsubasa cool r837.jpg Tsubasa cool r837 t.jpg Max Level: 60
HP: 3 1990 1890 3620

Appeal: Perfect Charm
For every 15 perfects, there is a 36% chance of increasing player's score by 200 points. (Level 1)

Center Skill: Cool Power
Increases Cool points by 3%.

Above: Added to Seal Shop on March 15, 2016.

Side Stories

A-RISE's Prerogative (Shocking Party R)

Tsubasa: One, two! One, two! Step, turn! Okay. Looking good.

Tsubasa: I think we're ready to unveil our new song at the next live show... Huh?

Tsubasa: How long have you been there? Don't just stand around silently. Say something next time.

Tsubasa: I was just about to take a breather. Want to have a cup of tea?

Tsubasa: Do you like black tea? This brand is my favorite.

Tsubasa: The song I was just playing is our newest creation. It's not your usual A-RISE tune, either.

Tsubasa: I'd be no fun if we just kept doing the same old stuff, don't you think?

Tsubasa: Sure, we won the Love Live tournament once, but one victory's not enough to satisfy me.

Tsubasa: There are lots of school idols all across the nation, and every one of them is aiming to take the top spot. They're out to beat us.

Tsubasa: If we're their targets, we've gotta be constantly aiming to reach even greater heights! On that note, break's over. Back to practice!


Home Screen

New experiences always give me such a thrill. I'll never quit being a school idol.

As a school idol, it's crucial that you maintain your health.

There's nothing wrong with taking a breather once in a while.

Just because we won Love Live once doesn't mean we can be complacent. We must focus on the next challenge!

Tapping the Character

Do you need something?

Are you trying to startle me?

Other Screens

Looks like there are new Goals.

Maybe you should check the Story? (Story Screen)

I can't tell you how happy it makes me when we inspire people to become school idols. (Team Members Screen)