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Default Love Live! School Idol Festival Title Screen. (μ's)
Default Love Live! School Idol Festival Title Screen. (Aqours)
Love Live! School Idol Festival is a social rhythm game for mobile devices (both for iOS and Android) produced by KLabGames and bushiroad. In the game, the player creates units based on collectible virtual cards and performs Live concerts with a designated unit. All the songs used in the game are sung by members of the Love Live! franchise idol groups: μ's, A-RISE, Aqours, Saint Snow, and Nijigasaki High School Idol Club.

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  • The English localization has been released under the name "School Idol Festival". Get it for iOS and Android.
    • You cannot transfer your JP account to the English server; if you wish to play it then you will have to start anew.
    • Please note that this wiki will not accommodate for the terminology changes (e.g. they use "idolize" instead of "awaken/transform"), nor the official translations for the stories, quotes, etc. The update news will also be solely for the original JP server, because the English server is pretty far behind and doesn't require translation anyway (also, none of us are actually switching over).

Game Updates

July 10, 2019

  • More of the new Marble-themed cards have been added to µ's premium recruitment: UR Hanayo, SR Nozomi
    • There is a higher chance of obtaining these cards until July 25 (base SR/SSR/UR obtain rate does not change)

July 5, 2019

  • The Friendly Match Round 12 event will begin on July 5 at 4 PM and run until July 15 at 3 PM JST; there will be maintenance for one hour before and after the event
    • There will be 18 songs in total in each difficulty, 6 for each attribute
  • Event point rewards include SR Yazawa Nico (Tanabata), N Christina ; event point ranking rewards include SR Takami Chika (Tanabata) - see event page for details

June 30, 2019

  • New Soap Bubble cards have been added to Aqours premium recruitment: UR Mari, SSR Yoshiko, SR Kanan, SR Dia, SR Ruby
    • There is a higher chance of obtaining these cards until May 5 (base SR/SSR/UR obtain rate does not change)
  • May 2018 Aqours cards (Fairy Tales) have been removed from premium recruitment; they can now only be obtained from limited & voucher recruitment

June 25, 2019

  • More of the new Marble-themed cards have been added to µ's premium recruitment: SSR Eli, SR Kotori
    • There is a higher chance of obtaining these cards until April 30 (base SR/SSR/UR obtain rate does not change)
  • The event SRs Honoka and Nozomi (Mother's Day) have also been added to premium recruitment (low chance to obtain)

Previous updates can be found here.

For the English Version, click here.

For the Simplified Chinese Version, click here.

Current Master Songs

July to September MIRAI TICKET
July 1 - August 31
Shadow gate to love
July 6 - September 5
July 16 - September 15
July 21 - September 20
May to July Landing action Yeah!!
May 1 - June 30
Sora mo Kokoro mo Hareru kara
May 6 - July 5
Daydream Warrior
May 16 - July 15
Taiyou wo Oikakero!
May 21 - July 20
June to August G-Senjou no Cinderella
June 1 - July 31
Thrilling One Way
June 6 - August 5
Kinmirai Happy End
June 16 - August 15
Kimi no Hitomi wo Meguru Bouken
June 21 - August 20

  • New stages are added on the 1st, 6th, 16th, and 21st of each month and is available for 2 months
  • Schedule subject to change at KLab's whim

Master Songs Release Predictions

July to September -
July 1 - August 31
July 6 - September 5
July 16 - September 15
July 21 - September 20
August to October MY MAI☆TONIGHT
August 1 - September 30
Awaken the power
August 6 - October 5
August 16 - October 15
August 21 - October 20
September to November GALAXY HidE and SeeK
September 1 - October 31
September 6 - November 5
September 16 - November 15
September 21 - November 20

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