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Character Profile

  • Japanese Name: マリア
  • Former School: Y.G. International Academy
  • Year: First
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 163cm
  • Three Sizes: B83 / W56 / H78
  • Birthday: August 6 (Leo)
  • Hobbies: Flamenco
  • Main Attribute: Cool


Maria [Normal #168]
Maria cool n168.jpg Maria cool n168 t.jpg Max Level: 40
HP: 3 500 810 2190

Appeal: None

Center Skill: None

Above: Added on October 15, 2013.

Maria [Normal #363]
Maria smile n363.jpg Maria smile n363 t.jpg Max Level: 40
HP: 3 2280 410 850

Appeal: None

Center Skill: None

Above: Added on July 15, 2014.

Maria [Normal #702]
Maria pure n702.jpg Maria pure n702 t.jpg Max Level: 40
HP: 3 440 2320 820

Appeal: None

Center Skill: None

Above: Initially awarded as a prize during the Score Match Round 21 event.

Maria [Normal #992]
Maria cool n992.jpg Maria cool n992 t.jpg Max Level: 40
HP: 2 440 820 2360

Appeal: None

Center Skill: None

Above: Added on August 31, 2016.

Maria [Normal #1221]
Maria smile n1221.jpg Maria smile n1221 t.jpg Max Level: 40
HP: 2 2400 820 440

Appeal: None

Center Skill: None

Above: Initially awarded as a prize during the Score Match Round 32 event.

Maria [Super Super Rare #1812]
Maria cool ssr1812.png Maria cool ssr1812 t.png Max Level: 90
HP: 4 3940 2990 4220

Appeal: Total Yell
For every 20 notes, there is a 36% chance to restore 1 HP. (Level 1)

Center Skill: Cool Energy
Increases Cool points by 4%.

Above: Initially awarded as a prize during the Challenge Festival Round 16 event.

Side Stories

Self-Introduction? (#168)

Maria: Are you in love?

Maria: Hehe, did I surprise you? Nice to meet you, my name's Maria.

Maria: I was planning on starting a Flamenco Club, but Jennifer captured me and now I'm a school idol.

Maria: Unlike flamenco outfits, the skirts are short and I just can't relax... However, every day is fulfilling.

Maria: ...Huh? You're more interested as to whether I'm in love?

Maria: I'll leave that up to your imagination. Those who have truly experienced love are able to give a dance that can move people's hearts.

Maria: Feelings welling up in the depths of your heart... Do you know how that feels?

Maria: Hehe, you're so shy. Would you like to dance with me sometime? I'll have you taste my overflowing passion.

Festival Commotion (#363)

Maria: Oh, hello there. It's been a while, hasn't it?

Maria: I participated in a summer event with everyone else in the school today.

Maria: We all wore the same outfits and sang and danced... It was lots of fun!

Maria: It was really hot, but I had tons of fun.... It reminded me of my home country.

Maria: I lived in a port city. In the summer, there'd be a festival every day.

Maria: I thought that I'd never have as much fun as I did then... but that wasn't the case. I think I might be having even more fun now.

Maria: Spending time together with everyone and being united in our feelings. That's what friends are.

Maria: Hehe. I feel like some more dancing. You should dance too. ♪

Don't Treat Me Like a Child (#702)

Maria: Thanks for coming to watch our concert today. Have fun, okay? ♪

Maria: I've always been inviting you to come for so long, yet this is the first time you actually came. How cold of you.

Maria: Hehe, this one is a more rock-themed one, so the atmosphere's different from usual.

Maria: I'm wearing a mini-skirt with knee-highs to reduce the exposure... and I let my hair down too. What do you think?

Maria: Balance is important when it comes to fashion. It's not just showing as much skin as possible.

Maria: ...Huh!? I look younger than usual?

Maria: No way... I don't want that. Don't treat me like a child. I'm already an adult.

Maria: Don't miss my performance onstage, okay? I'll overwhelm you with my charm. ♪

A New Charm (#992)

Maria: Oh, fancy seeing you here. I'm here shopping with Rebecca today.

Maria: I swapped my accessories for her glasses... How do they look? Hehe, it's fun doing things like this sometimes. ♪

Maria: Are you shopping too? You've got the looks, so I think a lot of fashion styles would fit you.

Maria: ...Oh, I know. Why don't you have Rebecca and I coordinate your outfit today? We might find a new charm of yours.

Maria: It was like that for me. I came to this school, become a school idol, and was thrown into a world I never knew about before...

Maria: I thought that it'd never fit someone like me. But because of my teammates, I tried different outfits and learned all sorts of new things.

Maria: They're like family to me, and I love them a lot... They're very important people whom I can trust.

Maria: Well then, let's get Rebecca and get shopping. ♪ Ehehe, don't think that we'll let you go home that easily.

Beyond Self-Satisfaction (#1221)

Maria: Good work there. ♪ Did you enjoy today's concert?

Maria: Everyone else has already returned to the waiting room. I... think I'll stay here for a bit longer to do some thinking.

Maria: ...It's strange, isn't it?

Maria: I started being a school idol for my own self-satisfaction. I like dancing and I could make new friends...

Maria: That's why I thought that I didn't become one to show it to anyone else.

Maria: But the more performances we do, my thinking has changed and I think that perhaps it might actually be that way.

Maria: At some point, the reactions I got from the audience became my driving force... I wanted to make people smile with my performances.

Maria: Really, you never know what might happen when it comes to school idols! I can't wait to see what else is in store. ♪


Home Screen

こんにちは。もしかして待っててくれたのかしら? (#168 only)
Hello there. Were you by any chance waiting for me?

オリーブオイルが好きで、パンにもたっぷりかけちゃうの。フルーティで食べやすいのよ (#only)
I love olive oil and I put a lot on bread. It makes it taste fruity and easy to eat.

今日こそ一緒に踊ってくれるでしょうね? (#only)
Are you finally willing to dance with me?

夏の空気を感じながら踊ると、マーメイドになったみたい……なんてね (#363 only)
When I dance around in the summer air, it makes me feel like a mermaid... Sort of.

今日は紫と一緒にカラオケ行っちゃおうかしら (#363 only)
Maybe I'll go for karaoke with Yukari today.

オープンテラスのカフェで休憩していかない? 風が気持ちいいわ (#363 only)
Why don't we take a break at a café with an open terrace? The breeze feels great.

今日は一緒にショッピングに行ってくれるわよね?放課後、校門で待ってるから (#702 only)
You're going shopping with me today, right? I'll be waiting for you at the front gates after school.

日本語は表現が豊かで素敵だわ。もっと勉強しなくっちゃ (#702 only)
It's great how there are so many ways to express yourself in Japanese. I'll have to keep studying it.

学校の仲間が第二の家族のように思えるの。……幸せなことよね (#702 only)
My friends at school are like a second family... What a happy feeling.

みんなで少しずつアイディアを出して、曲を作っているの (#992 only)
We all come up with ideas to create a song together.

ステージ衣装をあなたの分も用意したら、一緒にステージに上がってくれるかしら……なんてね (#992 only)
We have a stage outfit ready for you too, so why not come on stage with us? ...Just kidding.

情熱のフラメンコ。あなたも踊らない? (#992 only)
Would you dance a passionate flamenco with me?

ダンスのコツ? ふふ、踊りたくなったときに自由に踊るのが一番よ♪ (#1221 only)
Tricks to getting better at dancing? Hehe, dancing however you want when you feel like it is the best. ♪

あら。英語の勉強? 私が手伝ってあげるわ♪ (#1221 only)
Oh, you're studying English? I can help you. ♪

今度の休日は海を見に行きましょうよ!潮風が恋しいわ (#1221 only)
Let's go to the beach over the next holiday! I miss the sea breeze.

Tapping the Character

Are you okay? Do you want me to lend you a hand?

...You're surprisingly bold. I like that.


ねえ、一緒にストーリー見ましょうよ。あなたと一緒がいいの (When there are unread stories)
Hey, let's read the story together. I want to be with you.

ステージにあがるときは、いつも観客のみんなと恋をするくらいの気持ちで臨んでいるわ (When there are new live stages)
When I get on stage, I always treat the audience as if I were in love with them.