Medley Festival Round 2

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Medley festival 2.png

  • Event Name: Medley Festival Round 2
  • Event Period: January 20th, 2015, 4PM JST - January 31st, 2015, 3PM JST
  • Main Event Prize: SR Hanayo
  • Songs Used for This Event:
Attribute All Difficulties

PLEASE NOTE: This event is a Medley Festival event.

To participate, simply go to the event page shown on the home screen and press the center button.

Briefly, The rules are as follows:

  1. Select how many songs you wish to play in a row (1-3) for the festival, as well as difficulty. If you select 2 or more, your stamina and combo will be carried over into the next songs.
    • Each song will be randomly selected.
    • If you choose to play 2 or more, all songs will be of the same attribute (Smile/Pure/Cool)
    • You will not get duplicate songs in the same festival.
    • There are 8 possible songs for each attribute (EXPERT pool is different from EASY/NORMAL/HARD pool).
  2. You can use G to "arrange" the songs, which will provide a special effect while playing to aid in success.
  3. Friends and other students will cheer you on at the start of each song in the festival, which will provide various effects.
  4. When you successfully complete the festival, you will receive event points based on difficulty and song count. There are bonuses for score, combo, and arrange/cheer effects.
  5. There are three types of festival rewards, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Playing higher difficulty songs will increase the chance of getting Gold and Silver.

See the Medley Festival section in the Gameplay page for more details.

Event Cards

Leo [Normal #515]
Leo pure.jpg Leo pure t.jpg Max Level: 40
HP: 2 920 2410 740

Appeal: None

Center Skill: None

Koizumi Hanayo (Fairy Ver.) [Super Rare #523]
Hanayo smile sr523.jpg Hanayo smile sr523 t.jpg Max Level: 80
HP: 4 4790 3260 4070

Appeal: Snow Fairy
Every 14 seconds, there is a 46% chance of increasing player's score by 300 points. (Level 1)

Center Skill: Smile Heart
Increases Smile points by 6%.

Event Point Awards

Did everyone enjoy their rice-cake for Kayo-chin's birthday? Rice-Cake? :V V:
Points Achieved Reward
20 pts 5000 G
100 pts 300 Friend Points
500 pts 1 Loveca Stone
1000 pts 5000 G
2000 pts 1 Loveca Stone
3000 pts 400 Friend Points
4500 pts Leo (Pure)
6000 pts 10000 G
8000 pts 1 Loveca Stone
10000 pts 15000 G
12500 pts R Alpaca
15000 pts 500 Friend Points
17500 pts R Miyama Satoko
20000 pts 20000 G
22500 pts 500 Friend Points
25000 pts SR Hanayo
27500 pts 750 Friend Points
30000 pts 25000 G
32500 pts 750 Friend Points
35000 pts 1 Loveca Stone
37500 pts 30000 G
40000 pts 750 Friend Points
42500 pts 1 Loveca Stone
45000 pts 40000 G
47500 pts 1000 Friend Points
50000 pts 1 Loveca Stone
52500 pts 50000 G
55000 pts 1000 Friend Points
57500 pts 60000 G
60000 pts 2 Loveca Stones
64000 pts 1500 Friend Points
70000 pts 2 Loveca Stones
80000 pts 3 Loveca Stones

Event Point Ranking Awards

Event Rank Reward
1st - 9000th SR Hanayo x2

Leo (Pure)

2 Tickets

9001st - 45000th SR Hanayo x1

Leo (Pure)

1 Ticket

45001st - 108000th Leo (Pure)

1 Ticket

3 Loveca Stones

108001st - 225000th Leo (Pure)

1 Ticket

2 Loveca Stones

225001st - 405000th Leo (Pure)

4 Loveca Stones

405001st - 630000th Leo (Pure)

2 Loveca Stones

630001st - 900000th 1 Loveca Stone