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A guide to the choices provided by the game's menus on different screens.

Home Screen

1. Ranking (Level of the player)*
2. Currency Amount*
3. Current EXP/EXP needed to rank up*
4. Live Points (Timer indicates minutes:seconds until next live point is restored)*
5. Loveca Stones*
6. Restore Live Points*
7. News and Mailbox
8. Gifts
9. Game News/Updates
10. Assignments
11. Event Page
12. Home Menu*
13. Story*
14. Units*
15. Live*
16. Recruitment*
17. Shop*
18. Other*
19. Title
Home screen2.png

Note: Starred Items will be seen in most of the other screens as well.

Live Performance Screen


1. Song Selection
2. Max Ranking in Score/Combo/Clear Rate
3. From left to right: Difficulty (star), Attribute (circle), Song Title, LP Used, Prizes
4. Difficulty Selection
5. Alternate between μ's and Aqours songs
6. Toggles between Normal song selection/Special song selection
7. Player's Global Ranking in the song

Other Screens

The other screens have less content, therefore, only a description of the choices will be provided.


  • メインストーリー: Main Story Selection
  • サイドストーリー: Side Story Selection
  • その他のストーリー: Other Stories Selection (ie event stories from the School idol diary events; only those that you have unlocked during their respective events will appear here)

Club Members:

  • ユニット蹁成: Change Unit Members
  • 練習: "Lessons" (Level up Character Cards)
  • 特別練習: "Special Lessons" (Transform Character Cards)
  • 転部: Sell Character Cards
  • 部員リスト: List Club Members
  • スクールアイドルスキル: School Idol Skill configuration


  • The left side of both tabs is just an advertisement with a button to see the current chances of getting a card of a certain rarity and also the cards that are able to be drawn from the specific boxes
  • 普通勧誘 tab (Normal Recruitment) / 限定勧誘 tab
    • On the right side upper section is premium recruitment (rarity R and above)
      • 1 draw for 5 loveca stones, 11 draws for 50 loveca stones
      • Underneath is a button to purchase Loveca Stones and a bar indicating number of draws left until a free voucher
    • On the right side lower section is regular recruitment (rarity N and R)
      • 1 draw for every 100 friend points, maximum 10 draws (1000 friend points) at a time
    • During events, the 限定勧誘 tab can be accessed for special recruitment boxes. The layout is the same except for the regular recruitment section being replaced by details of the box.
  • 補助チケット勧誘 tab
    • First screen: Use 5 vouchers for a card of rarity SR or higher
    • Second screen: Use 1 voucher for a support member card


  • Restore LP.
  • Purchase Loveca Stones.
  • Use Loveca Stones to increase max number of club members.
  • The final large button below advertises special sets that can be purchased with unique tickets and items.

Other Options: (Note: Choices are listed from left to right, top to bottom)

  • お知らせ: Game news/updates
  • アルバム: Album
  • 課題: Assignments
  • プロフィール: Profile
  • 称号: Titles
  • 友達: Friends List
  • ランキング: Global Rankings
  • シールSHOP: Seal Shop
  • 背景設定: Backgrounds
  • 各種設定: Game/Gameplay Options
    • アカウント tab
      • Connect to Bushimo
      • Change name
      • Enter/retrieve recovery code
    • ライブ tab
      • Cut-ins: None / Medium / Large
      • Effects: Off / On (Effects include a fancier combo counter, sparkles in the background, fancier effects when skills happen, and an indicator showing fluctuations in score and HP)
      • Text size: Small / Medium / Large
      • Timing adjustment, rhythm icon design
      • On the right, adjust the rhythm icon speed for each difficulty. Button at the top right resets all to default.
    • 共通 tab
      • Text speed: Slow / Normal / Fast
      • Sound options (button at the top right resets them to default)
    • その他 tab
      • Pre-download main story/side story/character/live data. The character option switches between downloading images/voices as needed and downloading everything.
      • Push notifications when your LP is full: on/off
  • サポート: Support (Contact Information)
  • ヘルプ: Help
  • ヒント: Hints
  • 利用規約: Terms of Agreement/License
  • 購入履歴: Purchase History
  • 受取履歴: Gifts/Rewards received
  • アーケード連動: Connect to the arcade version
  • ログインボーナス: Login bonus schedule


  • 友達リスト: Friends List
  • 申請中リスト: Requests Sent List
  • 承認待ちリスト: Unapproved Requests Recieved List
  • ID検索: View your user ID, and request a friend based on user ID

Event Page:

  • スコアマッチに参加する!: Enter a Score Match Game! (Score Match Event only)
  • On the left, in order from top to bottom: Points until next reward; Total event points; Current number of tokens
  • ルール説明: Event Rules
  • イベントランキング: Event Ranking
  • On the top there are two buttons:
  • イベント楽曲ランキング/イベントランキング: Drop down switches between event point ranking, event song ranking, friends' event point ranking, friends' event song ranking
  • 1位/自分の順位/...: Drop down menu lets you choose between viewing first place, player's rank, then to the respective cutoffs
  • 報酬の詳細: Event Prizes

Score Match Phrases:

Before the Live:

  • よろしくね♪: Let's have a good match! ♪
  • れっつごー♪: Let's go~ ♪
  • はじめまして!: Nice meeting you!
  • この曲好き!: I like this song!
  • みんなカワイイっ!: Everyone's so cute!
  • がんばろー!: Let's do our best!
  • たのしみましょ~♪: Let's have fun~ ♪
  • にっこにっこにー: Nico Nico Smile~ (μ's Event) / "ヨーソロー!": Steady as she goes! (Aqours Event)
  • ファイトだよ!: Fight! (μ's Event) / "がんばルビィ!": "I'll do my ruby-best!" (Aqours Event)
  • いくよFULL COMBO!: I'll full combo this!

After the Live:

  • お疲れさま♪: Good job! ♪
  • おめでと~!: Congrats~!
  • またね♪: See you! ♪
  • いっちばーん!: I'm first!
  • みんな大好き!: Love you all!
  • ありがとう♪: Thanks! ♪
  • たのしかったね!: That was fun!
  • ハラショー!: Harasho! (μ's Event) / "シャイニー!": "Shiny!" (Aqours Event)
  • 次は負けない!: I won't lose next time!
  • やったねFULL COMBO!: I/You got a full combo!