Saiki Fuu

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Character Profile

  • Japanese Name: 斉木風
  • Former School: Touou Academy
  • Year: First
  • Blood Type: O
  • Height: 162cm
  • Three Sizes: B81 / W56 / H80
  • Birthday: August 12 (Leo)
  • Hobbies: Being active
  • Main Attribute: Smile


Saiki Fuu [Normal #80]
Fuu smile n80.jpg Fuu smile n80 t.jpg Max Level: 40
HP: 2 2410 970 720

Appeal: None

Center Skill: None

Above: Initially awarded as a prize during the Tsuki made Daite Love*Heart event.

Saiki Fuu [Normal #409]
Fuu cool n409.jpg Fuu cool n409 t.jpg Max Level: 40
HP: 2 1020 630 2490

Appeal: None

Center Skill: None

Above: Initially awarded as a prize during the Score Match Round 12 event.

Saiki Fuu [Normal #667]
Fuu pure n667.jpg Fuu pure n667 t.jpg Max Level: 40
HP: 2 980 2540 660

Appeal: None

Center Skill: None

Above: Initially awarded as a prize during the Score Match Round 20 event.

Saiki Fuu [Normal #1079]
Fuu smile n1079.jpg Fuu smile n1079 t.jpg Max Level: 40
HP: 2 2580 660 980

Appeal: None

Center Skill: None

Above: Initially awarded as a prize during the Challenge Festival Round 6 event.

Saiki Fuu [Normal #1183]
Fuu cool n1183.jpg Fuu cool n1183 t.jpg Max Level: 40
HP: 2 660 980 2620

Appeal: None

Center Skill: None

Above: Added on April 30, 2017.

Saiki Fuu [Super Super Rare #1902]
Fuu smile ssr1902.png Fuu smile ssr1902 t.png Max Level: 90
HP: 4 4170 3920 2960

Appeal: Total Charm
For every 20 notes, there is a 36% chance of increasing players score by 220 points. (Level 1)

Center Skill: Smile Energy
Increases Smile points by 4%.

Above: Initially awarded as a prize during the Friendly Match Round 10 event.

Saiki Fuu [Normal #2298]
Fuu pure n2298.png Fuu pure n2298 t.png Max Level: 40
HP: 2 650 2660 990

Appeal: None

Center Skill: None

Above: Added on February 29, 2020.

Side Stories

Self-Introduction (#80)

Fuu: Saiki Fuu here! ♪ I'm an energetic girl who loves running! Thanks for cheering me on, everyone! ♪

Fuu: ...Huh? Did I say something wrong?

Fuu: That's weird. I even rehearsed this a couple times...

Fuu: Well, my only redeeming quality is my running, but I'm totally fine with moving my body.

Fuu: I'll be sure to push myself and get through even the toughest of dances!

Fuu: Until next time!

It's Really Tiring (#409)

Fuu: Oh, long time no see. ♪ Summers are really meant for going to festivals, huh~?

Fuu: ...Huh? I look surprisingly tired?

Fuu: Well... the truth is, I've been helping out at the yakisoba stall all day.

Fuu: I don't get worn out at all from running or dancing, but helping out at a stall is really tiring! I can't burn anything, so I have to be careful with the food.

Fuu: That's why I'm getting rid of my fatigue by exercising! There's not much work to do at the moment, so I'm go for a quick jog.

Fuu: Oh, before that, let me give you this water balloon. You can think of it as me... Just kidding, I wouldn't say something like that. Just play with it.

Fuu: I'll see you around... Wait, huh? You're coming with me?

Fuu: Oh, no, I have nothing against it. The night breeze feels nice, so it's a great time to go for a run. Let's go then. ♪

Goal: Slim Body! (#667)

Fuu: It's so hot... Summer is so hot!

Fuu: I wanted to kill two birds with one stone by putting on my jersey and doing some training so that I could slim down... but I'm taking refuge in the shade!

Fuu: You bought some water for me? Thanks. I can feel the cold water spreading through my body~

Fuu: No matter how much I care about my figure, it's not good to go overboard.

Fuu: You probably wouldn't expect it, but I do care about it. I'm a school idol after all.

Fuu: I think that when you're standing on stage, thin arms and legs look cuter.

Fuu: It probably doesn't fit my personality, but I want to at least be cute enough to not hold the others back.

Fuu: What can I do to become cuter~? Oh, maybe I'll have you track my weight. My goal is a slim body~!

Yay! (#1079)

Fuu: Yay! It's Fuu-chan~! ♪

Fuu: ...Wait, what!? I messed up the timing again?

Fuu: Man, I was thinking, "It's almost time for the concert!", and then I got excited... Ahaha...

Fuu: This happens every time~ I have to be careful not to do something weird during the real thing!

Fuu: I only became a school idol because I thought it'd be good for some exercise, but it turns out that I'm better suited to it than I thought.

Fuu: Dancing is fun, but it's absolutely amazing putting together a performance with all my friends!

Fuu: Our feelings are connected, our skills improve... I'm sure we can put on even better concerts in the future and that gets my heart racing~

Fuu: Hehe! I want all of us to work together and create the biggest wind possible. I'll keep giving it my all!

On a Windy Day (#1183)

Fuu: Awesome...! There's a breeze on the stage...!

Fuu: ...Oh, thanks for coming to watch the concert! Your support really helps.

Fuu: Today's performance was extremely powerful, and the feeling of everyone being completely in sync made it feel like there was a breeze blowing. What did you think?

Fuu: Before, once a concert was over, we'd always refresh ourselves and head toward the next one.

Fuu: But this time, I felt like I was floating, like I was in a dream.

Fuu: I wish I could stay happy like this forever...

Fuu: Hmm? I had a happy look on my face while I was onstage? Hehe, it was that obvious, huh~?

Fuu: Let me stay like this for a bit longer today. I'll be back to my normal self tomorrow!


Home Screen

よーし、今日もよろしくね! (#80 only)
Great, I'll be counting on you today too!

うーん、やっぱり走るのって気持ちいいよね~ (#80 only)
Hmm, as I thought, running feels great~

調子はどう?がんばってる? (#80 only)
How's it going? Are you doing your best?

スクールアイドル界に運動会があれば、いいとこいくと思うんだ (#409 only)
If there were track meets in the school idol world, I think that we would be heading in the right direction.

夜更かしとかしてない? ちゃんと寝ないと、気力がわかないよ (#409 only)
You're not staying up late, are you? If you don't sleep properly, you won't have energy.

セミが鳴いてると、頑張って長生きしろよ~って応援しちゃうよね? (#409 only)
When you hear cicadas chirping, doesn't it make you want to cheer them on?

困ったことがあったら相談してね。二人で力を合わせれば、きっと乗り越えられるよ (#667 only)
Let me know if you have any troubles. I'm sure we can overcome them if we work together.

今度は私のステージも観においでよ。正直、ちょっと恥ずかしいんだけどさ (#667 only)
Come watch me on stage next time, though it's a bit embarrassing to tell the truth.

今日は隼ちゃんと乗馬に来てるんだよ。っと……うわあっ! (#667 only)
I'm horseback riding with Shun-chan today... Whoa!

んー、勉強つかれた! 息抜きにダンスレッスンしよーっと! (#1079 only)
Mm, all that studying made me tired! Time to take a dance lesson breather!

もっとバレエみたいに柔らかく身体を動かせるようになりたいな (#1079 only)
I wish my body were more flexible like ballet dancers.

剣ちゃんに剣道教えてもらうんだ。武士の心構え、身につくかな~? (#1079 only)
I had Tsurugi-chan teach me kendo. I wonder if I can learn the preparedness of a warrior~

おはよー! 一緒にランニング出来るかなー、って思って誘いに来たよ (#1183 only)
Morning! I came here hoping that you'd be free for a run.

もっと自分の気持ちをステージ上で出せたらいいんだけどなあ (#1183 only)
If only I could express my own feelings more while I'm onstage.

うう、お腹減ったな~ 早く帰ってごはん食べよーっと (#1183 only)
Uu, I'm hungry~ I have to hurry home so that I can eat.

Tapping the Character

If you don't need me, I'm going to go run another lap.

What's up?


ストーリー見てみない? (When there are unread stories)
Want to go read the story?

ライブやってみようよ! (When there are new live stages)
I want to try a live!