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(Side Stories)
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''Above: Initially awarded as a prize during the [[Medley Festival Round 18]] event.''
''Above: Initially awarded as a prize during the [[Medley Festival Round 18]] event.''
{{ MemberCardTable
| MemberID = 2050
| AttrColor = green
| MemberName = Saotome Yukari
| Rarity = Super Super Rare
| Filename = Yukari pure ssr2050.png
| Filename_t = Yukari pure ssr2050 t.png
| MaxLV = 90
| HP = 4
| Smile = 3940
| Pure = 4250
| Cool = 3000
| AppealName = Timer Yell
| AppealDesc = Every 10 seconds, there is a 36% chance of recovering players HP by 1. (Level 1)
| CenterName = Pure Energy
| CenterDesc = Increases Pure points by 4%.
''Above: Initially awarded as a prize during the [[Challenge Festival Round 18]] event.''
=Side Stories=
=Side Stories=

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Character Profile

  • Japanese Name: 早乙女紫
  • Former School: Y.G. International Academy
  • Year: First
  • Blood Type: O
  • Height: 158cm
  • Three Sizes: B82 / W58 / H83
  • Birthday: March 3 (Pisces)
  • Hobbies: Karaoke
  • Main Attribute: Pure


Saotome Yukari [Normal #175]
Yukari pure n175.jpg Yukari pure n175 t.jpg Max Level: 40
HP: 3 840 2240 570

Appeal: None

Center Skill: None

Above: Added on October 31, 2013.

Saotome Yukari [Normal #479]
Yukari smile n479.jpg Yukari smile n479 t.jpg Max Level: 40
HP: 3 2320 890 480

Appeal: None

Center Skill: None

Above: Added on December 15, 2014.

Saotome Yukari [Normal #651]
Yukari cool n651.jpg Yukari cool n651 t.jpg Max Level: 40
HP: 3 500 870 2360

Appeal: None

Center Skill: None

Above: Initially awarded as a prize during the Medley Festival Round 6 event.

Saotome Yukari [Normal #1150]
Yukari pure n1150.jpg Yukari pure n1150 t.jpg Max Level: 40
HP: 3 500 2400 870

Appeal: None

Center Skill: None

Above: Added on March 15, 2017.

Saotome Yukari [Normal #1295]
Yukari smile n1295.jpg Yukari smile n1295 t.jpg Max Level: 40
HP: 3 2440 490 880

Appeal: None

Center Skill: None

Above: Initially awarded as a prize during the Medley Festival Round 18 event.

Saotome Yukari [Super Super Rare #2050]
Yukari pure ssr2050.png Yukari pure ssr2050 t.png Max Level: 90
HP: 4 3940 4250 3000

Appeal: Timer Yell
Every 10 seconds, there is a 36% chance of recovering players HP by 1. (Level 1)

Center Skill: Pure Energy
Increases Pure points by 4%.

Above: Initially awarded as a prize during the Challenge Festival Round 18 event.

Side Stories

Self-Introduction? (#175)

Yukari: Nice to meet you~ I'm Yukari.

Yukari: I'm just a first year at such an international school. It's a lot of work, but also a lot of fun!

Yukari: I wanted to speak kindly until I got used to it, but I end up hurting them and doing the opposite of what I want to do. The language barrier really is big...

Yukari: But you know, I get the feeling that we're all able to understand each other's feelings now!

Yukari: Even though we speak different languages or have different eye or hair colors, as long as there's song, everyone's hearts will be one. I get that now. ♪

Yukari: That's why I'll sing! I'll keep singing forever and ever! ...Wait, huh? Huh~?

Yukari: Wah~ Leo ran off again!?

Yukari: She still thinks that cars are enemies, so it's dangerous~ Will you help me? Let's go catch her~

It's a Bit Lonely (#479)

Yukari: Brr... It's cold, isn't it?

Yukari: Have you prepared your New Year's greeting cards yet? I made a potato stamp, so I'm totally ready. ♪

Yukari: But... it's a bit lonely when I think about how the year's about to end.

Yukari: Even though you and everyone else in the club will still be with me... the cold makes it feel a bit sentimental, don't you think~?

Yukari: I'll be fine since I was born in Japan, but I'm worried about whether Rakshata and Leo be able to survive the cold winter.

Yukari: But, but! It seems that there was no need for me to worry.

Yukari: Everyone's been practicing hard on their own to deliver a powerful performance for our winter concert~ Ehehe, I guess I was the only one worried about the cold.

Yukari: Why do I feel so excited just from everyone being together? I'll do my best for our last performance of the year too~!

Carrying Out My Original Goal (#651)

Yukari: Wah~ These clothes are so cute!

Yukari: I'm shopping with friends from school today. I'm picking out clothes that fit all of them. ♪

Yukari: I tend to like outfits that are reminiscent of ones in picture books... They're so cute!

Yukari: They make me think back to when I was a little kid. Back then, I would wrap some pretty cloth around my head and pretend to be an idol. ♪

Yukari: I used a plastic bottle in place of a microphone and sang with all my might!

Yukari: Even now, I'm touched that I was able to be a school idol~

Yukari: Wanting to tell my feelings to everyone with song. Wanting to connect to everyone in the world through song...

Yukari: Those feelings will never change! Ehehe, I'll keep giving it my all. ♪

Gesture Quiz ♪ (#1150)

Yukari: Hello, it's Yukari. ♪ Have you formed bonds with all your friends~?

Yukari: I've been studying up on foreign languages recently. ♪ I'm slowly learning other people's native tongues, just like they're learning Japanese. ♪

Yukari: For example, "celebratory banquet" in German is... H-Huh? What was it again? Isabella taught it to me not long ago~

Yukari: But rest assured! At times like these, I'm confident in my ability to convey my intentions through gestures. ♪♪

Yukari: This represents a celebration... And this sort of looks like a banquet. I can represent anything~ ♪

Yukari: Oh dear, are you questioning if that's true? I'll gesture how I'm feeling right now!

Yukari: This becomes this... And there! Huh? You don't understand? That's weird... Look, this part is the key.

Yukari: What I wanted to say was, "I'm really happy since everyone's here with me!" ♪ Was that too difficult? Please learn to understand my gestures!

A Premonition of New Meetings (#1295)

Yukari: W-Wah!? "Yukarin"!?

Yukari: What do I do? I'm really surprised!

Yukari: I received a letter from someone from the audience after our concert. They called me "Cute Yukarin" in it...!

Yukari: I never thought that they'd come up with a nickname for me... I'm overwhelmed! They even drew a picture of all of us. ♪♪

Yukari: I did think that I was on better terms with everyone in the school ever since I became a school idol, but...

Yukari: I get the feeling that I'll make more friends outside of school too!

Yukari: Today is such a good day. ♪ I have to show this to others.

Yukari: I hope that I, Yukari—no, Yukarin—will continue to deliver fun school idol concerts with everyone from now on~


Home Screen

こんにちは♪今日はみんないますかね~? (#175 only)
Hello. ♪ Is everyone here today~?

今日は一人でカラオケ行っちゃおうかな♪ (#175 only)
Maybe I'll go for some solo karaoke today. ♪

ええっ?違いますよ、ゆかりはゆかりごはんとは関係ないですよう~……な、ないよね? (#175 only)
Huh? No, my name has nothing to do with the rice seasoning~ ...R-Really, okay?

部室にこたつを導入予定です。うーん、夢が広がります……♪ (#479 only)
There are plans to set up a heated table in the clubroom. Mm, I can't wait... ♪

イザベラのステージ衣装は、ゆかりの自信作! 見ていただけましたか~? (#479 only)
Isabella's stage outfit was my own work! Did you see it~?

日本のことを知ってもらう前に、まずは私たちが日本のことを知らなくちゃ、ですよ (#479 only)
We have to know about Japan before we can get to know about it.

ナンバーワンよりオンリーワン! まずは自分らしさを大事にしたいですね~ (#651 only)
"Only one" instead of "number one"! I want to prioritize being unique~

夏はみんなでキャンプに行きたいです!川釣り・探検・バーベキュー♪ (#651 only)
I want to go camping with everyone during the summer! Fishing, hiking, barbecue! ♪

レオはあまりお洋服にこだわらない子ですが、ふわっとしたかわいい衣装がよく似合います♪ (#651 only)
Leo doesn't really care about what she wears, but cute, frilly clothes fit her really well. ♪

朝起きると、今日も学校でみんなに会えるな~って幸せな気持ちになります♪ (#1150 only)
When I wake up in the morning, I feel happy that I can see everyone at school again. ♪

宿題はみんなでやれば怖くない~です!一緒にやりますか?? (#1150 only)
Homework isn't scary if you're working on it with a group of friends! Do you want to work on it together?

もうすぐお花見の季節ですね♪ゆかり、お弁当作り頑張っちゃいますよ~ (#1150 only)
It's almost the season for cherry blossom viewing. ♪ I'll do my best with making boxed lunches~

新しい曲の振付は、ちょっぴりハードなんですよ~ 練習復習をしっかりやらなくては、です! (#1295 only)
The choreography for our new song is a little hard~ I'll have to try extra hard during our lessons!

おつかれですか? そんなときは、のんびりゆっくりですよ。ゆかりがお茶を淹れますね~ (#1295 only)
Are you tired? At times like this, you should relax. I'll make some tea for you~

海に遊びに来ています! みんな大喜びしてくれて、ゆかりはとっても嬉しいです~♪ (#1295 only)
We came to the beach! Everyone's super happy, and so am I~ ♪

Tapping the Character

Oh my~ You're even touching there!?

Ehehe. I'm used to physical contact so it's okay~


ストーリーはね、一人じゃ作れないの。大切な絆なのですよ (When there are unread stories)
Stories can't be created by someone alone. They're important bonds.

「ゆかりは歌わなくていい」って言われたりするんだけど、まさか音痴なんてことは…… (When there are new live stages)
People always say that I don't have to sing, but I never thought that I'd be tone-deaf...