Shinomiya Akiru

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Character Profile

  • Japanese Name: 篠宮あきる
  • Former School: Seiran High School
  • Year: Second
  • Blood Type: O
  • Height: 160cm
  • Three Sizes: B81 / W57 / H83
  • Birthday: July 20 (Cancer)
  • Hobbies: Observing humans
  • Main Attribute: Cool


Shinomiya Akiru [Normal #24]
Akiru cool n24.jpg Akiru cool n24 t.jpg Max Level: 40
HP: 2 1020 740 2650

Appeal: None

Center Skill: None

Shinomiya Akiru [Normal #197]
Akiru smile n197.jpg Akiru smile n197 t.jpg Max Level: 40
HP: 2 2720 660 1070

Appeal: None

Center Skill: None

Above: Initially awarded as a prize during the Score Match Round 3 event.

Shinomiya Akiru [Normal #660]
Akiru pure n660.jpg Akiru pure n660 t.jpg Max Level: 40
HP: 2 680 2760 1050

Appeal: None

Center Skill: None

Above: Initially awarded as a prize during the Kyou ga Kagayaku Yokan event.

Shinomiya Akiru [Normal #1101]
Akiru cool n1101.jpg Akiru cool n1101 t.jpg Max Level: 40
HP: 2 680 1050 2800

Appeal: None

Center Skill: None

Above: Initially awarded as a prize during the Score Match Round 29 event.

Shinomiya Akiru [Normal #1257]
Akiru smile n1257.jpg Akiru smile n1257 t.jpg Max Level: 40
HP: 2 2840 1050 680

Appeal: None

Center Skill: None

Above: Added on July 31, 2017.

Shinomiya Akiru [Super Super Rare #1783]
Akiru cool ssr1783.png Akiru cool ssr1783 t.png Max Level: 90
HP: 4 3930 2970 4190

Appeal: Total Trick
For every 20 notes, there is a 36% chance of turning all greats in the next 2 seconds into perfects. (Level 1)

Center Skill: Cool Energy
Increases Cool points by 4%.

Above: Initially awarded as a prize during the Touring Rally Round 7 event.

Side Stories

Self-Introduction (#24)

Akiru: Oh, hello there. My name's Shinomiya Akiru.

Akiru: ...Wow, what beautiful eyes you have.

Akiru: Hehe, no need to cautious. I just wanted to do a little check.

Akiru: I believe that I have a good eye for people.

Akiru: If it's you, I think things will go well. Looking forward to working together.

To the Next Stage... (#197)

Akiru: It's been a while, hasn't it? What are you doing here?

Akiru: I'm putting the finishing touches on my performance. Very soon, I'll be taking the stage that is the figure skating rink.

Akiru: I'm looking forward to it, but... I'm nervous. I can't make myself look unsightly on this magnificent stage...

Akiru: ...Oh, are you trying to cheer me up? You're such a nice person.

Akiru: If you speak kind words to everyone, you're bound to be deceived. Are you checking who you're saying them to beforehand?

Akiru: ...However, that is one of your appeals.

Akiru: I know! Are you able to skate? If you can, then would you mind practicing skating with me as a pair?

Akiru: It's fine, even just holding my hand while running will do. Let's get started right away then. ♪

'Recruiting Club Members (#660)

Akiru: Bath bomb samples? Hmm... We just have to hand these out, right?

Akiru: The packages say "recruiting club members"... Will this really make people interested in school idols?

Akiru: Huh... It will if the one handing them out is charming?

Akiru: So you're saying that how well this goes depends on my attractiveness?

Akiru: ............

Akiru: Fine. You want to make this into a competition to see who's prettier, don't you?

Akiru: I pride myself in having given it my all for school idols thus far. Recruiting club members is just another part of it.

Akiru: Good luck to both of us. I'll definitely recruit more than you!

'Secret Wish (#1101)

Akiru: ...Did you make your wish? Okay, let's go.

Akiru: Huh? My wish is a secret. Anyway, I came with you to the first shrine visit of the year, so keep me company for a bit.

Akiru: ...No, I'm not trying to make the first sale of the year! It's more important than that... Just come with me.

Akiru: We spent some extra time practicing today, since our next concert is coming up soon.

Akiru: I think we have the skills down pat... We just want to keep practicing until we're all perfectly in sync.

Akiru: School idol performances aren't done by one person alone. I want us all to be as in sync as possible.

Akiru: We practiced for so long, and I even wished for it at the shrine, so I'm sure we'll be fine, but... Well, it's not like me to be so cowardly.

Akiru: Hehe, it's okay. I won't show you the pathetic side of me. The show's starting now, so make sure you watch it.

'Concert Review Meeting (#1257)

Akiru: Hello there. What did you think of our concert today?

Akiru: 100/100? ...You don't need to flatter us. If there's anything you had a problem with, I want to know about it.

Akiru: All I have are regrets... I was able to dance and sing better during our lessons.

Akiru: I thought that I was someone who could do anything... It looks like that isn't the case for school idol performances.

Akiru: Just once, I'd like to put on a performance that's perfect.

Akiru: Huh? Because I'm able to reflect on my own performance, I'm able to set a goal for the future?

Akiru: ...What's with that smug look on your face? Are you saying that you know everything about me?

Akiru: ...I'm just kidding. Your words are really helpful to me, thanks. ♪


Home Screen

ふうん…ふふ、なんでもないわ (#24 only)
Hmm... Hehe, it's nothing.

さあ、今日はどうするの? (#24 only)
So, what are you going to do today?

あなたを見てると飽きないわね (#24 only)
I never get tired of watching you.

やるからには、最高のステージにしましょう。約束ね? (#197 only)
If we're going to do it, then let's make it the best performance possible. Promise?

あなたの手を握ると、自然と元気が出るみたい (#197 only)
When I hold your hand, I naturally feel more energetic.

相手を翻弄する女の子って、少し憧れちゃう。ふふ……♪ (#197 only)
I kind of want to be a girl who toys with others. Hehe... ♪

友達が大事っていうのも分かるけど……友達のために自分を曲げるのはイヤ (#660 only)
I know that friends are important... but I don't want to go out of my way for them.

お風呂の時間は大事にしてる。自分の身体なんだから、ちゃんとメンテナンスしないとね (#660 only)
I treasure the time I spend in the bath. It's my own body, so I have to take proper care of it.

パフォーマンスのときは、指先の動きにも気をつけてちょうだい。全然変わってくるのよ? (#660 only)
Make sure you pay attention to your fingertips during a performance. It changes everything, you know?

今日は発声トレーニングよ。舞台慣れしているしずくに教わるの (#1101 only)
We have vocal training today. Shizuku's going to be leading it since she has experience with theater.

調子よさそうね? 私の練習につきあってもらおうかしら (#1101 only)
You look like you're doing well. Maybe I'll have to help me out with my lessons.

あなたってちょっと変わってるわよね。……別に悪口じゃないわよ (#1101 only)
You're a bit weird, huh? ...I didn't mean that in a bad way.

悲しい顔なんか見せたくない。だってスクールアイドルだもの (#1257 only)
I never want to be seen with a sad face. I'm a school idol after all.

プール?いいわよ。泳ぐのは好きなの♪ (#1257 only)
The pool? Sure, I love swimming. ♪

みなみって世話焼きなの。……感謝してるわ (#1257 only)
Minami like sticking her nose into other people's business... I'm grateful for that.

Tapping the Character

Do you need something?

Kyaa... Geez, what is it?


ストーリー、見ないの? (When there are unread stories)
Aren't you going to read the stories?

ライブができるみたい。どうする? (When there are new live stages)
It looks like we can do a live. What are you going to do?