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Unless specified, times in this page are in Beijing time (UTC+8).


Current Version 6.0 (6.3 releasing on December 13, 2018)
Card Number #1377 (+ #2001-2009) (+ a glitched 1)
µ's Story Chapter 47, Part 4
µ's Stage Korekara
Aqours Story Chapter 22, Part 2
Event Friendly Match Round 3

November 16, 15:00 - November 27, 14:00

  • For information on Events please see the Events section in Gameplay for more details. Note that CN's event pt tier cutoffs are 2,300th, 11,500th, 23,000th, 46,000th, 115,000th, 230,000th and 345,000th; song tier cutoffs are 2,300th, 6,900th, 11,500th, 15,500th, 23,000th, 46,000th, and 115,000th.

News & Updates

May 10

  • Aqours Chapter 15 story 3 and 4 are added
  • The first half of Halloween Festival set have been added to Aqours Honor Scouting: UR Hanamaru, SSR Mari, SR Dia, SR You, SR Chika.
  • One new N card (Minami Nagayama) has also been added to regular scouting.
  • Two new N cards (Ru Tatara, Akiru Shinomiya) has also been added to Live clear rewards.

April 30

  • Happy Labor's Day campaign begins from May 1.
    • May 1 to May 14: Login bonus of up to 7 days, total 100,000 coins, 1,000 friend pts, 1 R Alpaca, 1 scoutinf ticket, 3 love gems.
    • May 1 to May 7: packs on sale:
      • Happy Labor's Day pack: 1 11-pull ticket, 1 SR+ ticket, 1,000,000 coins, 3 SR teachers and 5 SR Alpaca/Shiitake for ??? CNY (~??? USD)
      • Labor's Day Memorial Pack: 6 love gems, 1 SR+ ticket, 3 R Alpaca/Shiitake for ??? CNY (~??? USD)

April 26

  • Aqours Chapter 15 story 1 and 2 are added
  • The last half of A Curious Place set have been added to Aqours Honor Scouting: UR Riko, SSR Ruby, SR Kanan, SR Yoshiko. -Increased Chance until 05/01 Beijing Time
  • One new N card (Haruka Konoe) has also been added to regular scouting.
  • Two new N cards (Yumi Fujishiro, Shizuku Osaka) has also been added to Live clear rewards.
  • Double step up will be open from April 26, 15:00 to April 30.
    • Card pool contains all μ's cards.
    • Scout step 5 to get a SR+ ticket, scout step 6 to get #82 UR promo Hanayo.

April 19

  • National Conference 2018 semi-final in Guangzhou will be held on April 21. In order to celebrate,
    • From April 20 to April 24, there will be special login bonuses, total 1,000 Friend Pts, 1 love gem, 1 R Yazawa Cotarou.
    • From April 20, 15:00 to April 24, the semi-final Guangzhou memorial pack will be on sale; pack includes 20 love gems, 2 SR+ tickets, 3 SR teachers, 3 SR Alpaca/Shiitake, 1 R Yazawa Cotarou for 88 CNY (~14 USD).

April 17

  • In the Friendly Match event, there is a bug which caused some players to have wrong teams/attribute points/mics. This will be fixed in the next version, and all players (that is rank 10+ and has logged in during the past 60 days) will receive 1 love gem (will be distributed after the event). At the same time, any players who abuse this bug to obtain unfair advantage are condemned [sic] and will be punished.

April 12

  • Overseas 20M players campaign will begin on April 13.
    • April 13, 15:00 to April 22: 7 special login bonuses, total 7 love gems.
    • April 26, 15:00 to May 1: 4 special login bonuses, total 4 love gems.
    • April 13, 15:00 to April 19: Overseas 20M Packs on sale.
      • Overseas 20M Memoral Pack: 1 11-pull ticket, 1 SSR+ ticket, 5 SR teachers, 3 SR Alpaca/Shiitake for 188 CNY (~30 USD). Can be purchased twice (one for μ's, one for Aqours).
      • Overseas 20M Memorial Mini Pack: 6 love gems, 1 SR+ ticket, 3 R Alpaca/Shiitake for 25 CNY (~4 USD). Can be purchased twice (one for μ's, one for Aqours).
    • April 13, 15:00 to April 23: 21 time-limited goals will be active. They will be opened in 7 batches.
    • April 13, 15:00 to April 23: 11 cards will be added to Sticker shop. There is no limit on how many times you can exchange the cards.
      • The cards are R Kazuno Leah (10 N stickers), R Kazuno Sarah (10 N stickers), and the Happy Party Train version of Aqours R cards (15 N stickers each).
    • Two songs will be added to B-side:
      • April 13, 15:00 to April 23: Awaken the power
      • April 17, 15:00 to April 23: 真夏は誰のモノ? (possibly due to a mistake, this is already open since April 13, together with Awaken the power.)

Previous updates can be found here.

B-Side Stages

Title Type
Mermaid Festa Vol.2 ~Passionate~ (人鱼狂欢节.2) Daily Special (Group A)
Otomeshiki Renai Juku (乙女式恋爱塾) Daily Special (Group A)
Soldier Game (士兵游戏) Daily Special (Group A)
Kokuhaku Biyori, desu! (告白日和、是也!) Daily Special (Group A)
Yume naki Yume wa Yume janai (没有梦的梦想不是梦想) Daily Special (Group B)
Anemone Heart (银莲花之心) Daily Special (Group B)
Nawatobi (跳绳) Daily Special (Group B)
Beat in Angel (天使的心跳) Daily Special (Group B)
Nico Puri ♡ Joshi dou (日香风♡女子之道) Daily Special (Group B)
Garasu no Hanazono (玻璃花园) Daily Special (Group B)
Super LOVE=Super LIVE! (超级爱=超级演唱会!) Master version
Shangri-La Shower (香格里拉的淋浴) Master version
Sayounara e Sayonara! (再会了再见! ) Master version
Storm in Lover (恋人间的狂岚) Master Version
Trouble Busters (麻烦克星) Master Version
NO EXIT ORION (没有出口的猎户座) Master Version
HEART to HEART! (心心相印) Master Version
Mi wa µ'sic no Mi (缪斯音乐的缪) Master Version

B-Side Stages (Aqours)

Title Type
Natsu he no Tobira Never end ver. (通向夏日的扉门 永无止境版) Daily Special
Manatsu wa Dare no Mono? (盛夏属于谁?) Daily Special
Jimoai ♡ Mantan ☆ Summer Life (家乡之爱♡满满☆夏日时光) Daily Special
Natsu no Owari no Amaoto ga (终夏的雨声) Daily Special

Current Master Songs

October to December Mi wa µ'sic no Mi
October 1 - November 30
Super LOVE=Super LIVE!
October 5 - December 4
Shangri-La Shower
October 15 - December 14
Sayounara e Sayonara!
October 20 - December 19
November to January MOMENT RING
November 1 - December 31
Zurui yo Magnetic Today
November 5 - January 4
November 15 - January 14
Shunjou Romantic
November 20 - January 19
December TBA
December 1 - January 31
December 5 - February 4
December 15 - February 14
December 20 - February 19
  • New stages are added on the 1st, 5th, 15th, and 20th of each month and are available for 2 months
  • Schedule subject to change at KLab's whim

Future Master Songs

December to February Future style
December 1 - January 31
December 5 - February 4
MUSEUM de Doushitai?
December 15 - February 14
December 20 - February 19
January to March Saitei de Saikou no Paradiso
January 1 - February 28
Ruteshi Kisuki Shiteru
January 5 - March 4
CheerDay CheerGirl!
January 15 - March 14
Soshite Saigo no Page ni wa
January 20 - March 19
February to April Onaji Hoshi ga Mitai
February 1 - March 31
Puwa Puwa-O!
February 5 - April 4
Silent tonight
February 15 - April 14
Hello, Hoshi o Kazoete
February 20 - April 19
  • Similar to above, new stages are added on the 1st, 5th, 15th, and 20th of each month and are available for 2 months
  • Schedule subject to change at KLab's whim
  • These Master Songs are based on how the JP schedule follows up few months ago. CN is about 3 months behind EN and about 8 months behind JP in Master Songs.