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Chapter 1 - We are Aqours

Dia: What exactly were you thinking, Mari?
Part 1

Chika: Over here~! Ehehe......Thank you for earlier♪
You: And welcome to Aqours's clubroom!
Riko: We do our school idol activities here.
You: Looks like Aqours's activities will be getting strong support because of you! It's very reassuring~
Chika: Yeah. Also, I can feel that we'll get along well more and more♪
Riko: Earlier was a bit of a mess......sorry about that
Chika: Once again, let us introduce ourselves!
You: Alright! Well then, starting from me!
You: Watanabe You! A 2nd year high school student who loves sailing! I also love occupation-type uniforms, such as policewoman and firefighter♪
Riko: It's really cool when people do they're best at they're work.
You: I know right? Then, my liking escalated, that making and wearing uniforms became my hobby.
Chika: Well......To explain simply, cosplaying?
Chika: Making them is really great! You-chan also makes costumes for Aqours's
Riko: When I wear Aqours's costume It makes me truly feel that I became school idol
You: Hehehe I am very particular up to the corners.
Riko: Chika-chan, please introduce yourself♪
Chika: I am Chika Takami! 2nd year in UraGirls', member of Aqours and.......
Chika: ......oh, could it be......
Riko: What's the matter?
Chika: Now that I think about it...... There's nothing that I could add to it. Eee, what should I do!!
You: Ehh!?
Chika: Hmm.. Also, our house runs an inn?
Riko: It has history, and the atmosphere is really good. I feel envious
Chika: Is that so? It's not a gorgeous hotel It might not be that really good a place......
You: Eee! Even if it is that lovely!? Chika-chan, you're too extravagant~
Chika: But it's not like I have someone taking care of everything for me
Riko: Hihi, Chika-chan, you're not a customer so there's nothing you can do about that
Chika: Ahaha, of course......
You: We Aqours meet often in Chika-chan's place
Chika: Yup! Practicing dance there is difficult But for things like sharing song ideas it's more than enough
Chika: Come visit us next time After playing, let's go to the hotsprings together♪
Chika: I didn't get to introduce myself well But I'd be glad if we get along bit by bit and talk about many things
You: Last is Riko-chan, please introduce yourself~
Riko: I am Riko Sakurauchi Like Chika-chan and You-chan, I am a 2nd year student at Uranohoshi Girls High School
Riko: I ...... just moved here recently, So we don't do family business like Chika-chan And I also look plain
Riko: There's nothing special about me, but let's get along
Chika: Ri---ko---cha--n!!
Riko: Eh, Eehh!?
Chika: What are you saying Riko-chan! Just having you here makes us feel super energetic
Riko: Eh.....Is that so?
Chika: A super cute beautiful girl arriving from city~ Everyone's glad about that
You: That's right! In this unchanging eveyday, a school with few students Riko-chan's the hope that appeared right in front of my eyes!
Riko: No way......I was completely unaware of it
You: Which reminds me, Riko-chan, the place you were living in is a holy ground of school idols, right?
Riko: That's right. I wonder if you know, they're called μ's...... Before I came here, I was in the same school as μ's
You: μ's is a famous idol group that even won the Love Live! Competition, right? Amazing~
You: Riko-chan, could it be that you have met and shook hands with members of μ's? ...... Or rather, you went to the same school, so you might have taken the same classes with them--
Chika: Uuuu, uuuu.......
Riko: Woah, wh, why are you crying, Chika-chan!?
Chika: To be in the same school as my super beloved μ's, I'm so jealous!!!!!!!
Riko: Ehh!?
Chika: Riko-chan, that's unfair! Riko-chan's body have been at Otonokizaka Academy......
Riko: Waah, wh, why are you touching my body~!
Chika: To feel even a bit of Otonokizaka Academy's atmosphere......Sniff sniff
You: That's bad Chika-chan! That would make you a pervert!
Chika: I'm not a pervert! It's because you don't know μ's properly that you can say that!
You: That's true...... μ's is really great to the point that Chika-chan can get that high
Chika: Yeah μ's, you know, is my dream and my aspiration, but also seems like an illusion.......
Chika: Alri-ght, I have decided!!!!!
Chika: Today we'll watch μ's DVD all day long! Everyone, let's gather at my house after this
Chika: From morning till evening...... no, even till the next morning we can watch it continuously♪
Riko: Till the next morning......!? Are you serious, Chika-chan?
You: Sounds great~, I also want to see μ's perfomance!
Chika: Alri-ght, come to my house at once! Hurry up and let's go!
You: Oka-y! After that, let's research about μ's until tomorrow morning!
Riko: No way! I mean, those two have gone already......
Riko: Well...... We'll do our best from now on, so please take care of us.
Riko: Chika-chan, You-chan! Wait for me~

Part 2

Yoshiko: Hello! Are you finding the fallen angel's school comfortable, little demon?
Yoshiko: While there are nine members of Aqours, if we all came at you at once, I wouldn't stand out... Err, I mean, you'd get confused, wouldn't you?
Yoshiko: So we decided to introduce ourselves three at a time, by grade.
Yoshiko: *Squeal* I'm such a genius.
Yoshiko: New then, we first years are ready to introduce ourselves.
Yoshiko: ...............
Yoshiko: Hey, no one else is here!
Yoshiko: ...............
Yoshiko: Quit it, you two! You're making it seem like Yohane is all alone out here!
Yoshiko: Ruby! Zuramaru! Get out here this instant!
Yoshiko: Are they really not here? C'mon, don't leave me all by my lonesome!
Ruby: *Sniff* *Whimper* *Sniff*
Yoshiko: Wow, you're trembling like crazy!
Ruby: C-cuz I can't greet someone in front of other people.
Yoshiko: If you can't even say hello, you'll never be able to survive on stage as a school idol!
Ruby: *Whimper* B-but...
Ruby: Pikiii! I'm sorry! I know, I'm a useless nervous wreck!
Yoshiko: Fine, I give up. Where's Zuramaru? I know she's not a fraidy-cat. Get out here!
Hanamaru: Huh? You called me, zura?
Yoshiko: Whew... Good, you're here. Everyone in Aqours is introducing themselves, grouped by grade.
Hanamaru: Introductions, huh? Guess you gotta at least say hello.
Yoshiko: Exactly. And toay I'll give you the privilege of going first.
Hanamaru: Whattup? I'm Hanamaru Kunikida. Nice to meet'cha, zura!
Yoshiko: Too short!
Hanamaru: Aight, I'mma get going.
Yoshiko: W-wait! Oh geez, I'm all alone again!
Yoshiko: ... Ahem. It appears we're in need of a new direction.
Yoshiko: All right! Was it you who asked for an audience with Yohane, my little demon?
Yoshiko: At this moment, the only people in this world are you and I. And since we're alone, I will reveal my deepest, darkest secret.
Yoshiko: The truth is... I'm a fallen angel who was cast down from Heaven.
Yoshiko: Don't tell a soul, okay? You see, I was cast out because the denizens of Heaven were so jealous of my incredible beauty.
Yoshiko: Through Aqours, I plan to amass a legion of little demons who wish to fall with me to the deepest, darkest depths.
Yoshiko: Basically, just by cheering for Aqours, you'll automatically join Yohane on the journey to the pits of He-
Hanamaru: Yoshiko, that's not true.
Yoshiko: Z-zuramaru! How long have you been listening?
Ruby: It's okay if you want to be a fallen angel, Yoshiko, but Aqours has nothing to do with suck things.
Yoshiko: You too, Ruby>
Yoshiko: Oh, come on! You've been missing the whole time. Why'd you have to come back right as I was introducing myself!
Yoshiko: ...Ahem. Please don't misunderstand them. This "Yoshiko" they speak of is another person, completely unrelated to me.
Hanamaru: It's like how I'm Hanamaru Kunikida, but I go by Maru. Ruby Kurosawa goes by Ruby, and Yoshiko Tsushima is Yoshiko.
Yoshiko: Don't reveal my full name!
Ruby: Umm... I'm Ruby Kurosawa. Nice to meet you.
Yoshiko: Don't introduce yourself in the middle of all this madness!
Hanamaru: Yay! Ruby, you said hello!
Ruby: Th-thank you!
Hanamaru: So my house is a temple, but Uranohoshi Girls' High is a Catholic school.
Hanamaru: God takes many forms. So Yoshiko's whole fallen angel shtick actually works out just fine.
Yoshiko: Don't call it a shitck!
Yoshiko: *Pant* Can I please stop playing the straight man now? This is exhausting.
Ruby: I've also got an older sister, Her name is Dia Kurosawa.
Ruby: We're polar opposites. She's a smart, talented, raven-haired beauty. Please be good to her, as well.
Hanamaru: Ruby's cute, but her sis is a whole different type of beautiful.
Yoshiko: Now they're introducting Dia, too...
Yoshiko: See? You're capable of introducing yourselves, Though, as members of my demon army, they were a bit off.
Ruby: Oh, I just remembered! We're all supposed to go to Chika's house to watch μ's DVDs!
Hanamaru: Myooze is Chika's favorite school idol group. I'mma watch really close and learn all about them, too, zura!
Ruby: Anyone would become a fan after seeing μ's perform. You're gonna love them, Hanamaru!
Yoshiko: Hmm... This doesn't sound like something a fallen angel should concern herself with.
Yoshiko: Even though I really wanna see...
Yoshiko: I'm afraid your beloved fallen angel Yohane is much too busy to watch DVDs with the rest of you.
Ruby: C'mon Yoshiko! I wanna watch μ's.
Hanamaru: Yoshiko, if you're not ready to go home I'll help you get your stuff. Gimme your bag.
Yoshiko: *Gasp*
Yoshiko: F-f-fine, if you insist!
Yoshiko: I'm extremely busy, but if you're both that desperate for my company, I'll come with you. Lead the way!
Hanamaru: *Giggle* Now you've met the Aqours first-years. Welcome to the gang!
Ruby: W-welcome!

Part 3
Part 4