Touring Rally Round 9

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Chapter Location Title Summary Song Challenge Spots
Prologue Unknown Unknown N/A
Ep.1 Gamers N/A N/A Happy maker!
Ep.2 Maid Café N/A N/A Blueberry Train
Ep.3 Train Station N/A N/A Dancing stars on me!
Ep.4 UTX N/A N/A Shocking Party
Ep.5 School Idol Shop N/A N/A Kodoku na Heaven
Ep.6 Park N/A N/A Donna Toki mo Zutto
Ep.7 Homura N/A N/A Someday of my life
Epilogue N/A N/A N/A

PLEASE NOTE: This event is a Touring Rally event.

To participate, simply go to the event page shown on the home screen.

Briefly, The rules are as follows (changes highlighted in red):

  1. Gather event points and souvenirs by clearing the story and playing lives at Story Spots
    • There are 4 types of souvenirs in total and they can be used to exchange for rewards, including the event point reward SR
    • The exchange will be available until the next event starts, after which they will be automatically exchanged for 50 G each
  2. Unlock more Story Spots by clearing all of the missions at the previous spot and reaching a certain number of event points. The unlock conditions can be checked by long-pressing the Story Spot icon in the map area.
  3. Play lives at the Challenge Spots to participate in the score rankings. There are 3 spots, one for each attribute, and they will unlock as you clear Story Spots.
    • The song used for each Challenge Spot is randomly selected from a pool of songs used for each event
    • Playing lives at the Challenge Spots will give event points and souvenirs, as well as count toward the the Reward Box gauge

Event Cards

Minami Kotori (Postgirl Ver.) [Super Rare #1983]
Kotori smile sr1983.png Kotori smile sr1983 t.png Max Level: 80
HP: 4 4670 3580 3920

Appeal: Thank you feeling
For every 32 notes, there is a 16% chance to raise second-year μ's members' appeal by 14% for 3 seconds. (Level 1)

Center Skill: Smile Heart
Increases Smile points by 6%.

Koizumi Hanayo (Postgirl Ver.) [Super Rare #1984]
Hanayo cool sr1984.png Hanayo cool sr1984 t.png Max Level: 80
HP: 4 3880 3520 4760

Appeal: I want to convey my heart
For every 29 notes, there is a 39% chance of increasing players score by 370 points. (Level 1)

Center Skill: Cool Heart
Increases Cool points by 6%.

Hyoudou Sayuri [Super Super Rare #1985]
Sayuri cool ssr1985.png Sayuri cool ssr1985 t.png Max Level: 90
HP: 4 3000 3940 4230

Appeal: Rhythmical Yell
For every 17 hit combo string, there is a 36% chance of recovering players HP by 1. (Level 1)

Center Skill: Cool Energy
Increases Cool points by 4%.

Rakshata [Super Super Rare #1986]
Rakshata pure ssr1986.png Rakshata pure ssr1986 t.png Max Level: 90
HP: 4 2970 4190 3930

Appeal: Total Trick
For every 20 notes, there is a 36% chance of turning all greats in the next 2 seconds into perfects. (Level 1)

Center Skill: Pure Energy
Increases Pure points by 4%.

Event Point Awards

Points Achieved Reward
20 pts 5000 G
50 pts 50 Friend points
100 pts 5500 G
250 pts 100 Friend points
500 pts 1 Loveca Stone
750 pts 6000 G
1000 pts 150 Friend Points
1250 pts 7000 G
1500 pts 200 Friend Points
2000 pts 8000 G
2500 pts 1 Loveca Stone
3000 pts 250 Friend Points
3500 pts Sugar Cube [LP50]
4000 pts 300 Friend Points
4500 pts 11000 G
5000 pts 1 Loveca Stone
5750 pts 350 Friend Points
6500 pts 15000 G
7250 pts 400 Friend Points
8000 pts Sugar Cube [LP50]
8750 pts 500 Friend Points
9500 pts SSR Sayuri
11000 pts 1 Loveca Stone
12500 pts R: Alpaca
15000 pts Sugar Cube [LP50]
17500 pts R: Miyama Satoko
20000 pts 1 Loveca Stone
22500 pts 6000 Friend Points
25000 pts SR Kotori
27500 pts 700 Friend Points
30000 pts 20000 G
32500 pts 2 Loveca Stones
35000 pts 800 Friend Points
37500 pts 25000 G
40000 pts SSR Sayuri
45000 pts 30000 G
47500 pts 2 Loveca Stones
50000 pts 900 Friend Points
52500 pts Sugar Cube [LP50]
55000 pts 1000 Friend Points
57500 pts 40000 G
62500 pts 2 Loveca Stones
65000 pts 1100 Friend Points
67500 pts 65000 G
70000 pts 1200 Friend Points
72500 pts Sugar Cube [LP50] x2
80000 pts 2 Loveca Stones
90000 pts 1300 Friend Points
110000 pts 3 Loveca Stones
120000 pts 1400 Friend Points
140000 pts 1500 Friend Points
150000 pts 100000G
160000 pts 4 Loveca Stones

Event Point Ranking Awards

Event Rank Reward
1st - 10000th SR Hanayo x3

SSR: Rakshata x3

2 Tickets

10001st - 30000th SR Hanayo x2

SSR: Rakshata x3

1 Ticket

30001st - 50000th SR Hanayo x2

SSR: Rakshata x2

1 Ticket

50001st - 120000th SR Hanayo x1

SSR: Rakshata x2

1 Ticket

120001st - 250000th SSR: Rakshata x1

1 Ticket

2 Loveca Stones

250001st - 450000th 1000 Friend Points

4 Loveca Stones

450001st - 700000th 500 Friend Points

2 Loveca Stones

700001st - 1000000th 1 Loveca Stone

Score Ranking Awards

Event Rank Reward
1st - 10000th SSR seal x1

SR seal x3

R seal x20

10001st - 30000th SR seal x3

R seal x20

30001st - 50000th SR seal x2

R seal x20

50001st - 75000th SR seal x1

R seal x20

75001st - 120000th R seal x20
120001st - 250000th R seal x15
250001st - 450000th R seal x10
450001st - 700000th R Seal x5
700001st - 1000000th R Seal x1