Touring Rally Round 1

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Touring rally 1.png

Chapter Location Title Summary Unlock
Song Challenge Quest
Prologue Classroom Notice from a Newspaper Company A notice arrives for Aqours from a newspaper company...!? N/A N/A
Ch. 1 Clubroom Searching for a Photoshoot Location The 9 search for a place to have their picture taken for an article HAPPY PARTY TRAIN
Ch. 2 Gym Heart of a Challenger Aqours leave the clubroom for the gym, but... Yume de Yozora wo Terashitai
Ch. 3 Music Room A Place to Compose? Where's a place that Riko-chan can compose...!? Apr. 6 Waku-Waku-Week!
Ch. 4 Courtyard A Place Befitting Aqours The place they found that fits Aqours is...!? Apr. 8 Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru kai?
Ch. 5 Rooftop We Found It: A Place Befitting Aqours! Where's the place that Yoshiko is pointing at...!? Apr. 10 Aozora Jumping Heart

PLEASE NOTE: This event is a Touring Rally event.

To participate, simply go to the event page shown on the home screen.

Briefly, The rules are as follows:

  1. Gather event points by clearing the story and playing lives in "free quests". Once you finish the story, you can play the live for event points as many times as you like. Gain bonus rewards by clearing song missions!
  2. Unlock more free quests by clearing certain conditions. The unlock conditions can be checked by long-pressing the quest icon in the map area.
  3. Take on the "challenge quest" to participate in the score rankings. This quest will automatically unlock after clearing chapter 1 of the story.
    • Free quests do not count towards the score rankings
    • The song used for the challenge quest is randomly selected from a pool of songs used for each event
    • Doing the challenge quest will give event points
    • Note that the challenge quest will not count toward the Reward Box gauge at the end of a live

Event Cards

Hasekura Kasane [Normal #1167]
Kasane pure n1167.jpg Kasane pure n1167 t.jpg Max Level: 40
HP: 2 690 2750 1050

Appeal: None

Center Skill: None

Kurosawa Dia (Playing Cards Ver.) [Super Rare #1168]
Dia smile sr1168.jpg Dia smile sr1168 t.jpg Max Level: 80
HP: 4 4810 3980 3390

Appeal: Poker Face
For every 19 notes, there is a 24% chance of turning all goods and greats in the next 4 seconds into perfects. (Level 1)

Center Skill: Smile Heart
Increases Smile points by 6%.

Ohara Mari (Playing Cards Ver.) [Super Rare #1169]
Mari pure sr1169.jpg Mari pure sr1169 t.jpg Max Level: 80
HP: 4 3340 4770 4050

Appeal: Straight Flush
For every 24 notes, there is a 28% chance of increasing player's score by 425 points. (Level 1)

Center Skill: Pure Heart
Increases Pure points by 6%.

Event Point Awards all makes sense now... Source
Points Achieved Reward
20 pts 5000 G
50 pts 50 Friend points
100 pts 5500 G
250 pts 100 Friend points
500 pts 1 Loveca Stone
750 pts 6000 G
1000 pts 5000 G
1250 pts 6500 G
1500 pts 200 Friend Points
2000 pts 7000 G
2500 pts 1 Loveca Stone
3000 pts 250 Friend Points
3500 pts 7500 G
4000 pts 300 Friend Points
4500 pts N: Hasekura Kasane
5000 pts 1 Loveca Stone
5750 pts 350 Friend Points
6500 pts 10000 G
7250 pts 400 Friend Points
8000 pts 12500 G
8750 pts 450 Friend Points
9500 pts 15000 G
11000 pts 1 Loveca Stone
12500 pts R: Shiitake
15000 pts 500 Friend Points
17500 pts R: Miyama Satoko
20000 pts 20000 G
22500 pts 550 Friend Points
25000 pts SR Dia
27500 pts 600 Friend Points
30000 pts 20000 G
32500 pts 2 Loveca Stones
35000 pts 700 Friend Points
37500 pts 25000 G
40000 pts 800 Friend Points
42500 pts R: Yamauchi Nanako
45000 pts 30000 G
47500 pts 2 Loveca Stones
50000 pts 900 Friend Points
52500 pts 40000 G
55000 pts 1000 Friend Points
57500 pts 50000 G
60000 pts SR Dia
62500 pts 2 Loveca Stones
65000 pts 1100 Friend Points
67500 pts 75000 G
70000 pts 1200 Friend Points
75000 pts 1 Ticket
80000 pts 2 Loveca Stones
90000 pts 1300 Friend Points
100000 pts SR Dia
110000 pts 1 Ticket
120000 pts 1400 Friend Points
130000 pts 1 Ticket
140000 pts 1500 Friend Points
150000 pts 100000G
160000 pts 4 Loveca Stones

Event Point Ranking Awards

Event Rank Reward
1st - 10000th SR Mari x3

N: Hasekura Kasane

2 Tickets

10001st - 50000th SR Mari x2

N: Hasekura Kasane

1 Ticket

50001st - 120000th SR Mari x1

N: Hasekura Kasane

1 Ticket

120001st - 250000th N: Hasekura Kasane

1 Ticket

2 Loveca Stones

250001st - 450000th N: Hasekura Kasane

4 Loveca Stones

450001st - 700000th N: Hasekura Kasane

2 Loveca Stones

700001st - 1000000th 1 Loveca Stone

Score Ranking Awards

Event Rank Reward
1st - 10000th SSR seal x1

SR seal x3

R seal x20

10001st - 30000th SR seal x3

R seal x20

30001st - 50000th SR seal x2

R seal x20

50001st - 75000th SR seal x1

R seal x20

75001st - 120000th R seal x20
120001st - 250000th R seal x15
250001st - 450000th R seal x10
450001st - 700000th R Seal x5
700001st - 1000000th R Seal x1