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My User Page on Moegirl: User:葫芦又 (in Chinese)

About me

I am as known as 葫芦又, pronouncing as Hoo-loo-yow, translated as Gourdyu.

I am a Chinese. I speak Chinese and write Simplified Chinese. I do not speak English very well.

I am interested in how the Simplified Chinese version of School idol festival translates the titles of the songs. I find this wiki has the information of the Chinese titles, but it was not complete, so I added the titles in Simplified Chinese onto this wiki, and am going to follow up when new translations are released.

I do not often view this website. If you want to contact me for some important things, please send me direct messages in Twitter, or e-mail me at .

About the Simplified Chinese version translating the titles

According to the Policy in Mainland China, games released in China are not supposed (or at least recommended) to use any foreign languages, including English and Japanese, even if a name of a man or a proper noun.

In LoveLive!, there are some titles of songs that contain implied meanings, such as スピカテリブル and さかなかなんだか?, and often, the Chinese version gives strange translations to them. For example, Wonderful Rush, which is translated as 精彩高峰, Wonderful Peak; スピカテリブル, Spicaterrible, as 畏惧的乙女, The Frightened Girl.

The only condition that allows foreign languages is when the foreign language cannot be translated into Chinese. The only 2 examples are G線上のシンデレラ, Cinderella on the G-String, G弦上的灰姑娘, using the English letter G, and 冒険Type A, B, C!!, Adventrue Type A, B, C!!, 冒险类型A, B, C!!.