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Main Attribute: PURE Probably not, huh...

TReus sweetholidayagain rank.png

Sweet Holiday Event Final Ranking: 1629

Total # of Lovestones Used: ~30, although about 10 of it was from high rank prizes which wouldn't have been obtained if I didn't try doing this

Number of Lovestones at Start of Event: 1

Final Point Amount: Approximate 22000 (more than I had for the nico event, which was for 12 days instead of 7, minus 2 because of Anime Expo)

Total Cash Spent: 0$

Moral of the Story: It's not impossible at all to get into high ranks without paying money. It was probably possible for me to get into the 1st tier (above 1200th place) too if I didn't have AX...

Contact me on twitter or (Nicks are Enigmatic_Cube and GUMI-chan) if there are any comments, questions, or criticisms, and I will try my best to address it.