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== External Links ==
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:*[http://ラブライブ Love Live! Festival Gamerch Wiki] (Japanese)
:*[ Bushimo Love Live! Festival @wiki] (Japanese)
:*[ LLSIF English Version Wiki] (English)
:*[ English Love Live Wikia] (English)
:*[ LLSIF Trad. Chinese Version Wiki] (Traditional Chinese)
:*[ LLSIF Sim. Chinese version wiki] (Simplified Chinese)

'''Official websites of SIF'''
:*[ Official Site (JP)]
:*[ Official Site (EN)]
:*[  Official Site (Trad. Chinese)]
:*[ Official Site (Sim. Chinese)]

'''Useful Sites'''
:*[ SIF Border Tracker]
:*[ SIF Event Tracker]
:*[ SIF Event Cutoff Predictions]
:*[ Premium Recruitment 11-Draw Simulator] (For a translation of the interface, click [[Media:sim.png|here]].)
:*[ Cards tracker]
:*[ LLSIF Card Explorer (Include Voice System)] (Support Japanese/Chinese(T.&S.)/English Version.)
<!-- :*[ LLHelper] (Simplified Chinese, database based on CN and JP version. Translation is on the way) -->

'''Other Links'''
:*[ Kouhime Portal]
:*[ Anime Official Site]
:*[ Love Live! Wikipedia Entry]
:*[! Love Live! MoeGirlPedia entry (Chinese)]